NetSuite Software

Top 5 Features of NetSuite Software

Having an enterprise up and running requires a lot of work. You need to take care of the financials, the management, the technology, the human resource, the system, the marketing and everything else. Thankfully, with technology, things are getting slightly easier and more comprehensive for any enterprise, especially vast spread ones. With technology now, managing business networks and effectively having your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) done is now not a difficult task. Infact, thanks for softwares like Netsuite, you can actually be more economical, efficient and focused in your planning as an enterprise and provide better all-round growth.

NetSuite is here to be a cloud-based and expandable ERP software for your business, which automates your processes, modifies performance and streamlines management. It supports both Android and iOS, has a web-based network too and works best for enterprises that need such solutions, medium sized and large sized ones. Also, another advantage of NetSuite is that it integrates well with any existing CRM or ClickSoftware that you have, removing any extra costs or burden on your enterprise. Oh, it also has a free trial for its users, a big plus one with the 3536 individual features that it provides to any enterprise it works with.

Here are the best features of Netsuite:

  • All-round work

NetSuite is known to give lifelong cloud access to users, anywhere and anytime. Infact, it ingrates and makes systems like Microsoft Dynamics, Quickbooks and SAP redundant with its total set of functions. There are more than 18000 customers and partners that work with NetSuite on a daily basis, engineering their processes for higher long term growth. It works towards improving any function that you can think of for any industry that you are a part of, leaving no stone unturned.

  • Financial Management

NetSuite as per the TEC capability report supports 80% of financial characteristic features. However, in this aspect it isn’t the best of the best as it does have competitors that support about 90% of the features. It provides you with core accounting services, billing features, revenue recognition via which you can align your business with accounting standards, gives financial reports for better analysis and also gives financial forecasting solutions. This way, not only do you have better financial planning and management but you also save time and improve efficiency in your finance department, reducing chances of errors.

  • Supply Chain Management

NetSuite links your operations and supply chain which might be spread across various areas under one hood and one single virtual platform. NetSuite helps in planning sales and demand, creates a balanced network, helps in execution of purchases and transfers, has comprehensive communication and portal technology for fast work, has an automated warranty registration and issue tracking system. With all of this, you get real time alerts, reduction in delivery delays and lead times.

  • Production Management

NetSuite manages your product process very easily. It looks after your product data throughout the product lifecycle, has system to support both discrete and batch-drive manufacturers, coordinates product materials, delivery and production while ensuring quality checks. It is known to cover a whopping 98% of quality management features after all. Lastly, it gives real time alerts via its barcode scanning feature, allowing any user to never miss out on anything. NetSuite brings the digital world to life. You manage your global operations with ease, reduce any problems of quality and cut down on any location specific issues, infact turning locations into beneficial points.

  • Order Management

NetSuite works day in and out to ensure timely invoicing and order processing for your enterprise. It gives a centralized billing system, expedites order-to-cash process, has prime customer support features and improves accuracy. It easily provides 91% of inventory management coverage, something no other competitor can provide for your business. This way, cash flows increase, delivery costs go down and delivery time reduces, leaving behind more satisfied customers. Infact, take a free consultation with NetSuite to understand the features better.

NetSuite comes with support for various roles, from CFOs to CEOs, B2B to B2C business types, mergers and acquisitions, model innovations and even startups. It is NetSuite’s top quality that ensures that 20% of Fortune 500 companies like MetLife use NetSuite and have zero complains whatsoever.

However, it must be noted that it is not for all features and functions that NetSuite is the best. There are other competitors who might do better in one function but as an enterprise owner, if you want to look at a say, universal set of features at good performance rates, NetSuite will win. So fine tune your budgeting, start rolling out orders fast and keep better track of your operations, it isn’t ever too late to start.