Top 5 Android Phone Monitoring Apps for Monitoring Employees

The greatest challenge the management of any organization faces is employee management. CEOs and managers continuously struggle to make sure that their team offers transparency and accountability. For every business organization, time is money, which is why making sure that they use this limited and highly valuable resource effectively is important. However, with technological advances more and more people are turning towards using an android phone monitoring app to manage their teams. Here’s a list of the five best ones to use this year:

  1. Xnspy

Xnspy is a complete monitoring solution, specially designed to offer employers an all-in-one app. It has all the features that help business owners to keep track of various activities their employees engage in via their cell phones. This includes activities like email, SMS, IM chats (including WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Kik, and Line), Facebook messenger chats, Instagram, and calls. The app allows access to all these through the dashboard which users can access after subscribing and registering for the app.

Interestingly, it also allows employers to listen to recorded calls and to turn on the recorder remotely so that they can listen to discussions happening close to the target device. Users can also access all photos and videos that the target device has on it, including those shared via instant messengers. It also allows users to access the browser history to know what sites the target person visits and how frequently.

With the GPS tracking and geofencing feature in this android phone monitoring app, employers who have mobile teams can easily keep track of their locations in real time. It also uses the Google Maps to make it easier for users to read the locations. The geofencing feature allows users to watchlist places so that the app informs them via alerts if their target employees go outside the watch-listed zones or if they check into a watch-listed place.

Employers can also keep track of what apps the target employee installs on the target device and allows them to block the apps if necessary. Because the design of this app aims to give users remote access, it allows them to lock the device, take screenshots, and wipe off data remotely if the need arises.

Specifications of Trello

  • Available for download on PlayStore
  • Works on Android and iOS devices
  • 9M
  • As low as $8.33 for subscription

Automated resubscriptions (requires enabling)

  1. Track My Workforce

This app (abbreviated TMWF) allows employers to keep track of their employees who are mostly drivers and sales people. With a web-enabled device, they can know the exact locations of employees around the clock. It has the “Send Location” button that allows employees with the app installed on their device to make check-in about their current location. This way, they can confirm pickups and deliveries and make sure they work efficiently with accountability.

Specifications of TMWF

  1. Trello

This app focuses on managing work teams through notes and creating an organized system of collaboration. Users can use this app to make a list of things to do, create message boards to inform team members about latest developments, and send To-Do instructions on cards with checklists. It makes things so much easier by making it possible to attach files from Dropbox and Google Drive. Users can also share photos and videos using this app.

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Specifications of Trello

  • Available for download on PlayStore
  • Works on Android and iOS devices
  • File size 15M
  • FREE forever
  1. Toodledo

This android phone monitoring app is one specially designed for business organizations and aims at making it easy to increase productivity and to organize work and personal life. It offers more than a To-Do list by offering a place to make long notes, create structured outlines, and to track coworkers, family, and friends too. Importing and exporting data is very easy, and it allows users to filter the data. Users can prioritize tasks and plan them based on the start date, and length of the task. The app also provides popup reminders.

Specifications of Trello

  • Available for download on PlayStore
  • Works on Android and iOS devices
  • Varies with device
  • FREE for Android users only
  1. FollowMe

Just as its name is, this app is all about following someone’s whereabouts. Businesses that rely on a mobile team of drivers and sales teams use this app to track the whereabouts of people around the clock. Even if they are traveling place-to-place anywhere in the world, users can track target employees. The app allows the target person to share photos taken very easily and even share them on Facebook and via email. The app uses an interactive Google Earth map view to make tracking easier.

This app automatically organizes media files as the target person creates them. There is no need for a registration of the app, users can simply download it, and it’s ready for use. In addition to all these features, the app also allows users to get statistics like speed, distance, time, altitude, etc.

Specifications of Trello

  • Available for download on PlayStore
  • Works on Android and iOS devices
  • 369K
  • FREE

Now, this was the list of 5 Best Android apps to download in 2016. However, there is still a lot more to explore in the app market online. The bottom line is that employers must choose a single app that solves their needs and they should go for an app that offers more features, something that solves all their problems, instead of going for multiple apps.

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  4. I have no issue with employee monitoring but I believe there should be a limit to use such smartphone apps. It is okay for businesses to use these apps during office hours but once the employee is done with duty, the spy apps should not track him then. It is highly unethical for employers to know about the personal details of their employees. It is none of their business whom the employee meets and where he goes when he’s off from work. I don’t see how employers can curb corporate espionage monitoring the employee’s’ off duty activities.