Top 20 Fabulous Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a photo sharing site that allows its members to pin images on customized  board that are created based on a theme or a collection of various types of events and categories. Among the unique features of Pinterest is allowing the users to pin new images on their Pinterest boards and for others to re-pin them on their own boards. Because there are millions of Pinterest users already since its launching, you can expect to find great Pinterest boards that are worth drawing some inspiration from. Here are the top 20 Fabulous Pinterest Boards that are worth viewing with captivating images to awe the viewers.

1.   Interspecies Buddies

Interspecies Buddies

This Pinterest board showcases great species interaction that highlights the fact that even different species can co-mingle and exist in harmony together.

2.   Joy Cho

Joy Cho

Joy Cho is one of the most popular Pinterest members with more than 13 millions of followers. Her Pinterest board creates a fabulous collection of inspirational images with about 92 inspiring board collections and over 10,000 web design creations.

3.    Best DIY Project of Rhianna Baggs

Best DIY Project of Rhianna Baggs

Rhianna Baggs is very creative with the different Pinterest boards she created. Themed on do-it-yourself, you get to see step procedures when performing a task through images making it easier and simpler to follow in accomplishing a project.

4.    Kayla Meyer (Flyers + Poster)

Kayla Meyer (Flyers + Poster)

Kayla Meyer’s Pinterest board is themed on flyers and customized posters. The uniqueness on her images has captivated many of her Pinterest board followers that reflect special design and graphic arts on posters.

 5.    Nick Karn

Nick Karn

You will find superb illustrations that look very real while others are amusing to look at. With the illustration board of Nick Karn a new world of graphic illustration is opened up to its viewers that include themes from the movie, cartoon characters, technology and fashion.

6.    Blair Thomson

Blair Thomson

Blair Thomson’s board is all about branding and engaging customers to a brand. Thomson highlights his expertise in brand marketing through his posts. He currently has 2,000 followers who are mostly online marketers who want to follow his style and distinctive tastes in product packaging and branding expertise.

7.    Emmy N

Emmy N

You will find it amusing to look at the different awkward family photos that show different kinds of emotions. Pictures are worth a thousand words and this Pinterest board is able to show various forms of family bonding.

8.    Mashable



Mashable’s Pinterest board specializes in highlighting great infographics within the niche of technology and social media. You will find all the image collections from the board as very refined with superb graphic designs worth admiring.

9.    Packaging By Rain


Packaging By Rain

This Pinterest board is very enticing to the viewers especially among those who are hooked with special product packaging techniques. You will find the board loaded with exquisite packaging images that are handmade creations.

10.   Ophelia Quixote


Ophelia Quixote

Ophelia’s board is all about creativity in packaging. With about 4,308 followers there are no doubt that her works are captivating enough to hook this number of people to follow and track down her Pinterest board images.

11.  Airamzul Alfano


Airamzul Alfano

If you want to look for the best in photography and digital imaging techniques, it is worth visiting Alfano’s board on Pinterest. With about 2761 followers, it justifies why this Pinterest board is one of the most followed Pinterest board in graphic design and packaging category.

12.   Ching Ya


Ching Ya

This Pinterest board has one of the most graphically beautiful Pinterest boards within the social media niche. The board is full of valuable content loaded with graphic information at a glance.

13.   Marie Forleo


Marie Forleo

Her Pinterest board only has a few pins on it but it manages to build 5438 followers because of her inspiring points of views. She is a motivational blogger that can move people with her inspiring words of advice.

14.   Remodelaholic



You will find various inspirations from this Pinterest board from DIY projects in home development and design. Her ideas are captivating and inspiring as well that give its 84,803 followers find good reasons to patronize her board.

15.  Steph L Davis


Steph L Davis

Steph Davis’ Pinterest boards are dedicated in social media and digital marketing. Her images are devoted to her passion that is social media and the latest about brand marketing and business development. There are many inspiring images that you can find from her Pinterest board that are very educational as well.

16.   Steve Nealy


Steve Nealy

If you care about branding and developing your social media marketing, Nealy’s board can be a good source of inspiration. His board is one that provides inspiration to those who want to venture in digital ad brand marketing and he can share inspiring materials to learn from.

17.   Sean Booth

Sean Booth

Sean unleashes his creativity as an art director and a creative artist whose passion is expressed through the stunning graphic designs that are showcased to his Pinterest boards. His masterpieces include graphic designs like posters, magazines and prints.

18.   Carolina Beiertz


Carolina Beiertz

Carolina truly has a lot of inspiring ideas to share to other Pinterest users on her boards. She can draw out unique and stunning graphic art designs to pin to her boards. There are several themes to which her Pinteret revolves which include interior designs and inspiring websites.

19.   Christopher King


Christopher King

If you have an eye on digital artwork, Christopher King’s illustrations and graphic designs and artwork are worth viewing from his boards. The unlimited inspirations that can be drawn out of his 152 boards with a total of 3,651 pins are worth following. His illustration designs are among the best of his artworks together with his hand drawn poster, flyers and advertising models.

20.   Severien Van Dam

 Severien Van Dam

Because of her 54 unique pins, her Pinterest boards already have 4,272 followers. Her boards are graphic design inspired with a touch of taste on her illustrations, making her boards worth following.