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Top 12 WordPress Sitemap Plugins of 2016

If you want to make use of the best XML site maps then here are a lot of  interesting and widely used plugins. All these are helpful  in getting more visitors for your website as the search engine can crawl better. Keep your SEO up to date with these site map plugins for your WordPress website.

  1. Top Rated Google XML Sitemaps:

If you want to get better indexing rate for your website, then for sure you need to install this top rated XML sitemap. All sorts of giant search engines such as Google, yahoo and many other crawlers support this.. As you include a new post or comment, the search engine crawlers will be getting into the post. This is a free sitemap which is used from across 9 years.

Plugin :

Google XML Sitemaps

  1. Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps with Flexibility:

As you make use of this plugin you will be getting different site maps. You can check the results with each and make use of the best one to stay undeterred with competition. There is lot of flexibility and as well a chance to make customized maps.. You can even choose the preferred language for no cost.

Better WordPress Google XML Sitemaps

Plugin :

  1. Powerful Page-list Sitemap:

The crawler can easily get into the post and there is no need to traverse the sub menus as this plugin provide the short codes. This code can be embed at any place. You can enhance the functionality of the code with some parameters.


plugin :

  1. Customized XML Sitemap & Google News Feeds:

If you want to have two different sitemaps namely the XML and as well the Google News then this is the best plugin for you. There will be absolutely no complicated process or files generated in this regard. You can select the site map in any language for free and this is very easy to handle.

XML Sitemap & Google News Feeds

plugin :

  1. Sitemap Generator for Web masters Externally:

Don’t worry if you are not able to pay for the server and have domain. Instead use this plugin which is making use of the external providers to get you the best sitemap for the website. All your server hosts will be very glad to make use of this. You can make use of almost 500 URL’s here after which you’ll have to pay charges for extra usage monthly.

Sitemap Generator for Webmasters

plugin :

  1. Free Google Sitemap by Best WebSoft :

In the web master tools, if you wanted to collect information about the website, then you have to make us of this plugin as it provides you a file. This is free of charge and mostly used by the people.

Google Sitemap by BestWebSoft

plugin :

  1. Up to date Simple WP Sitemap :

Every time a visitor will approach your website, then here you will be getting the updated sitemap. You can get both the XML and as well the HTML sitemap without fail. The search engine crawlers will be visiting and watching which is  exactly what  you want them to do and this is even less CPU intensive. You need not pay anything you make use of this website.

Simple WP Sitemap

Plugin :

  1. Google Video Sitemap Feed:

If you want to have the benefits of the most hassle free plugin, then this is the best one. All you need to do is just install this plugin and everything will be handled by this. You can now get the sitemaps for the videos as well and every time a visitor watches it you can get the latest site map. Not only that, if by chance video gets deleted you even get the notification.

Google Video Sitemap Feed

Plugin :

  1. Different Language Sitemaps Possible with WP Sitemap Page:

If you want to get the sitemap for the bots then this is the splendid plugin. The other advantage of this plugin is it gives nested sitemap. Now you can embed the sitemap at any place of the website with just a small code. There are different languages which are available here and you can make use of any aspect. There are altogether different posts as well. Customize the sitemap with the support of the CSS.

WP Sitemap Page

Plugin :

  1. Best WP SEO HTML Sitemap:

This plugin goes best with the Yoast SEO plugin and you need not check for anything as there are many people who are using this as yoast doesn’t have the HTML site map. The sitemap which this plugin generates can be implemented anywhere.


Plugin :

  1. Different Functionality of SiteX Sitemap Generator:

You can now get the sitemap for the navigation of the website. This is of great use for everyone. You can get the license for this and costs around $15 for six months.

SiteX Sitemap Generator

Plugin :

  1. Smart Sitemap.xml Tools:

This plugin supports many different websites and there is no need to take away the read and write permissions as well, even though you have different websites. With this one you can create just a single sitemap.

Smart Sitemap.xml Tools

All these are the 12 most useful plugins for creating the site maps and to get the grace of the search engines.

Plugin :

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  2. I use SEO by yoast and that is perfect for creating sitemap. So, I don’t think there is any need to install other plugin for this.