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Top 10 Things Can Affect Your Internet Speed



In this digital era, everybody is connected to the internet. They are using their computer and mobile phones to access the internet. Kids and adults are now able to browse the internet for many purposes. However, accessing the internet will not fun if your internet is too slow. Of course, there are a few things can affect internet speed. In particular, if you like downloading movies, fast internet is not an option, but it is a must. Somehow, there are also some factors affecting download speed. What are the factors affecting internet speed? Let us discuss now so that you always have fast internet for better browsing experience.

Things Can Affect Internet Speed

  1. Modem


First of all, one thing that may cause the slow internet is the modem that you are currently using right now. Maybe, the provider is good enough, but if you do not use the best DSL modem, your internet will remain slow. So, it is important to use a good modem for your internet. Nowadays, there are so many modems available in the market. You only need to choose the suitable one in order to get fast internet at home.

  1. Bandwidth

Another thing can affect internet speed is the bandwidth. Bandwidth will show how much data that can pass through a network. It is also called as Data Transfer or Site traffic. When there are so many people who use one network, then the network will get slower because the network will distribute to every user. In this case, if you want to have stable internet, you need to subscribe to the unlimited internet at full speed, so bandwidth will not affect your internet speed.

  1. Proxy Server

A proxy server is a server computer program that can act as another computer to request content from the Internet or intranet. Proxy Server acts as a gateway to the Internet world for every client computer. Proxy Server is a server in charge of storing temporarily (cache) other HTML server files, with a view to speeding up internet access. The proxy server serves to store customers’ favorite addresses. With a proxy server, customers can access their favorite websites more quickly.

  1. Web Browser

Web Browser

Nowadays, there are so many browsers that you can use to access websites such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and much more. Well, your browser can also affect your internet speed. So, it is really important to choose the best browser to open your favorite website so that it can load quickly. We would like to recommend you to use Google Chrome that has a better performance to load data online according to many users experience.

  1. Internet Connection Type

For your information, there are so many ways so you will have the internet connection. There are some types of internet connection that you can try to use. The first type is dial-up where you can connect via telephone cable with a common modem. Secondly, ADSL is the internet that is connected using telephone cable with anADSL modem. This is faster than Dial-up. Next, GPRS connection using a mobile phone that is quite slow. Then, there is also a wireless connection that is provided by ISP and it may be faster than ADSL, but it also depends on the condition. So, we would like to recommend you to use ADSL connection to get better internet.

  1. ISP Speed Offered

If you want to connect to the internet, then you must subscribe to an internet service provider. The service provider offers you some internet service packages starting from the slow one up to the fast one. So, this also becomes a significant factor affecting download speed. Thus, you can choose the high-speed internet package to get a very fast internet. But, it may be quite expensive. You can use your telephone cable and then integrate it with the best DSL modem to get a stable connection.

  1. Network Quality

How strong is your internet network? Well, the signal of your internet is also affected by the network quality and your location. If you live in a countryside while the signal is too low, then your internet will be slow too. So, it is important to get close to the BTS tower if you want to have stable internet. When you do not have any option to speed up your internet, you may try to use internet cable based on DSL modem which always has a good signal. This is the best internet for home use just in case you like staying at home.

  1. Weather Factor

Weather Factor

If you use a mobile network to connect to the internet, then it may have problems when the weather is bad. When it is raining, your internet connection will be slower than usual. But, it will get back to normal when the weather is fine. This is a weakness of using mobile internet connection through 3G and 4G networks. Somehow, you can solve this issue by using internet cable using a DSL modem in which weather will not affect the speed at all.

  1. Computer System

What operating system do you use now? It is undeniable that operating system also becomes one of the most significant factors affecting internet speed. There are several popular operating systems available right now including Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. If you use Windows, you have to be aware of viruses that may attack your computer and it will make your computer slow. It seems that you have to install an antivirus to prevent it from happening.

Computer System

  1. Computer Specification

Sometimes, your internet is fine, but you always feel slow when downloading files. You have to realize that your computer specification also becomes the thing can affect internet speed. In this case, you have to use a good computer with a good specification. At least, you have to use 2 GB RAM and Intel Pentium 4 to get a better performance. Otherwise, your computer will run slowly and it influences your internet speed too.

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