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Top 10 Most Popular Facebook Accounts in the World



Popular Facebook Accounts

Nowadays celebrities and social media have a special bonding. Most of the popular celebrities use social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as their best platform to promote their special events, upcoming movies or albums. No doubt Facebook is currently one of the top rated and most popular social media having huge users base. You will find account of every celebrity on this social media platform. But do you have any knowledge regarding popular Facebook Accounts in this world? If no, then you are landed at the right place. In this post we at top 10 about going to inform you such top 10 celebrity Facebook accounts which has most numbers of followers. So let’s get started with more details.

  1. Taylor Swift

American top class singer and song writer Taylor Alison Swift is known as one of the most popular person on Facebook. She has 72 millions followers on her Facebook account. She normally posts her albums and stage shows on her social media account. She has a huge fan base all over the world. Though she is now not that much active on her social media account still people don’t hesitate to give likes and emotions to her old videos like photos.

  1. Michael Jackson

Popular musician and pop singer Michael Jackson hold his record having one of the most popular Facebook page in the world. The interesting thing is nearly 10 years after his death still his Facebook account successfully hold the position as one of the most popular one in the world. Michael Jackson was a legendary dancer and pop artist in this world. You will find several memories and glories during his time on his Facebook account. He was the winner of life time achievement awards and holds the world Guinness World Records for his several records in the world of entertainment. Even today he has many fans and his famous moon walk is very popular among people.  

  1. Will Smith

USA’s veteran actor Will Smith comes next in the list of Popular Facebook Accounts in the world. He has almost 77 millions of followers all over the world. People known Smith as a talented actor and he also achieved many awards for his exceptional acting skill in several movies. He successfully achieved four Golden globe awards and two Academic awards. Not only Facebook but you will find several fans following on his different social media like Instagram and twitter accounts. According to report he has total net worth of $220 million. He normally shares personal life, promotes his movies on his Facebook account.              

  1. Justin Bieber

With 77.2 millions followers Justin Bieber Facebook account known as one of the most liked Facebook account in this world. This Canadian musician is popular all over the world because of his amazing singing talent. Justin’s Facebook page is popular among people and he normally posts his albums, personal life videos and some of amazing selfies definitely helps him to engage millions of people and fans on his social media page. He is a popular pop singer having almost $200 million of net worth.      

  1. Rihanna

USA’s musician Rihanna’s facebook account comes in the list of Popular Facebook Accounts with around 79 million followers. People are just crazy on Rihanna as she is a multi talented woman. You can call Rihanna as a singer, business women, dancer, actress and song writer. She has a huge fan base on several social media. According to report she has around net worth of $140 million and she has “The Believe” foundation which helps and takes care of ill children.           

  1. Leo Messi

Argentina soccer legend Leo Messi comes next in the list of most followed Facebook account. With almost 89 million facebook page followers Leo Messi has successfully managed his position among popular Facebook account. He is one of the wealthiest footballers in the world and currently playing for FC Barcelona club. He normally posts his football skills; training and family posts on his Facebook account and grabs huge numbers of responds from fans.

  1. Eminem

USA based popular musician Eminem comes next in the list of Popular Facebook Accounts. People are crazy on Eminem for his exceptional music and rapping style. With 88 million page followers Eminem normally shares his musical event shows albums and other music relevant posts. He recently won the Academy award and he has a unique record of having 6 Grammys award. People knew him as a talented actor, rapper and producer. 

  1. Vin Deisel

With around 101.6 million followers Vin Deisel comes in the list of most popular celebrity on Facebook. This popular action hero of Hollywood is famous for his Fast and Furious movies. He has many diehard fans all over the world. He normally shares inspirational quotes and many memes for people and easily grabs huge numbers of likes and emotions from fans all over the world. 

  1. Shakira

Famous Colombian singer & dancer the magical belly dance expert Sakira holds the 2nd position in the list of most popular personality in the world on Facebook. Everyone knows Shakira because of her amazing singing and dancing skill.She has almost 104.6 million followers on her Facebook page. She normally posts her stage shows and other personal things on her page. No doubt her Facebook page is a real gold mind and hits millions of views within few seconds after her posts.    

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo comes at the top of the list of Popular Facebook Accounts. This famous Portugal soccer legend holds around 122.1 million followers on his Facebook page. Ronaldo is one of the most popular footballers in this world currently he is playing for Juventus Club. He normally posts his daily work out session with fitness training and family photos. People just love him because of his exceptional football skill and amazing personality.

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