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Top 10 Best Online Career Options in 2021



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If you are looking for some best online career ideas in 2021, follow this list of the top 10 best online career options in 2021. This list includes some of the most popular jobs online along with all essential details regarding it. Selection of career depends on your passion and expertise. Let’s have a look at the list and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

10. Bookkeeper

The bookkeeper records and maintains business financial transactions. They prepare the general ledger, balance sheet, and income statement. The bookkeeper should know the first six steps of the accounting cycle. Knowledge of software accounting systems is added benefits for the bookkeepers to be. The businesses find bookkeepers to help in recording the transaction. For larger businesses, knowledge of using accounting software is mandatory.

Qualifications: Diploma or degree in business accounting courses

Monthly salary: Rs. 7,000 -10,000

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9. Data Entry

The businesses need workers to perform on their various data. These data are used to track the inventory of shipments, making business plans, and in other performance output measurements. The data entry specialists perform their tasks on the computer. Sometimes they also use scanners to put any specialized data into the system. They should have expertise in using a computer keyboard and other computer programs like spreadsheets and word documents.

Qualification: Graduation in computer application

Monthly salary: Rs. 


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8. System Administrator

The system administrators are responsible to monitor the installation, upgrades, and maintenance of the computer systems. They select the best computer system to get smooth operation. The remote technologies have made the task easy to do even from home. In this pandemic, the system administrator is one of the best jobs from a home freelancing that pays well. To be a SysAdmin, you should know computer applications and system operation.

Qualification: Bachelor degree in computer science

Monthly salary: Rs. 20,000-22,000

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7. Online Translator

This is one of the most interesting jobs that you can perform online. The job is both interesting and satisfactory. To be an online translator, you need to be fluent in at least two languages. The translator opportunity in language can range from English, Hindi, Tamil, to Marathi, Bengali, and many more. You can get this opportunity from businesses who need content, in particular, in any language. But in translating, you need to bag the right client who pays well.

Qualification: Diploma or degree course in the preferred language

Monthly Salary: Rs. 18,000-20,000

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6. Graphic Designer

Visual marketing has made its place in this era. Graphic designing is a part of it. The contents, brands need an attractive visual medium to showcase on the pictures, websites, and logos. As per your wish, you can take small projects as well as big projects. To be an expert in this field, you should have well-versed knowledge of PowerPoint programs, and other multimedia software. You can utilize social media to show up your skill.

Qualification: Diploma or degree in graphic design

Monthly salary: Rs. 30,000-40,000

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5. Social Media Manager

Just gain some experience in running campaigns on social media platforms. The businesses will have you promote their products on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. You may need to manage the comments on their post. The posts need a little creative like voice adding, videos, hilarious GIFs, etc. You can learn this lesson online. Once you will start to show your creative skills, you will be able to help in the growing community of the business.   

Qualification: Degree in digital marketing

Monthly earnings: Rs. 20,000-22,000

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4. Web Developer

Web development can be one of the top career options for 2021. The web developers are responsible to create and design websites for commercial use. The web developers should have experience in publishing, advertising, management consulting, and computing systems. The e-commerce businesses are in the trend in 2021. They find web developers who can make websites for them. The websites should be looking nice and functional. A little bit of knowledge of graphic design is a bonus in this profession.

Qualification: Diploma or degree in web design

Monthly earning: Rs. 50,000-60,000

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3. Online Tutor

If you are an expert in academic subjects, then it can be a career option for you. The online tutor service looks for experts who can teach students from all over the world. In that case, the employers might want you to be an expert or master on your preferable subject. So make sure you can cover their minimum qualification. This is also an option for offline teachers. You need to gain some knowledge in basic computers to go for this profession. However, there are so many applications today that make your job easy and understanding for the students.

Qualification: Degree in specialist subject

Monthly salary: Rs 50,000-60,000

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2. Freelance Writer

The writers need to create content, come with different creative ideas to fit the web pages. Some of the big sites keep in-house writers to create content for their sites. But almost every site outsources writers and buys content from freelance writers. Show some writing samples of solid work to include in your resume. To be a freelance writer, you should have a good command of your preferred language. Some decent sites can find you a loyal client.

Qualification: Masters in English

Monthly salary: Rs. 30,000-40,000

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1. Digital Marketing

The next online best career option is a digital marketing specialist. Today’s, business owners are knowledgeable about digital marketing. It helps them in intensifying the marketing endeavors and in reaching a large audience. The digital marketing specialists plan and implement their marketing strategies to help businesses in achieving their goals. The digital marketing specialist should have a good understanding of social media and other campaigns, SEO and CRM, or customer relationship management.

Qualification: MBA in digital marketing i

Monthly salary: Rs. 50,000-70,000

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