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Tips to improve the SEO ranking of your WordPress site



Search engine optimization might help you attract more users to your site! By improving your site’s SEO ranking, you could maximize the number of visitors. A great ranking on major commercial search engines such as Google and Yahoo will result in increased traffic to your site. Alongside traffic, a high SEO ranking will make your site appear more trustworthy and credible.

Your page can be optimized for a great SEO ranking, you need to improve the overall page load speed. Backed by research that suggests that internet users are likely to veer away from pages that open too slowly, Google has incorporated page load speed into the SEO algorithm. A slow loading page could affect your visibility and reduce your competitive advantage, which could lead to fewer visitors. For e-commerce sites, this may even mean less business opportunities and a lower likelihood of appearing credible to potential buyers.

How can you improve your site’s SEO ranking?

Improving your ranking requires a set of efficiency based practices such as presenting the most customer friendly websites first. For your WordPress site, you could consider hiring out speed optimization services, to service providers such as WPFixs, who guarantee thorough optimization of your site for improved performance and regular maintenance to prevent any potentially harmful lags. If you can handle doing the optimization yourself, here are a few tweaks you may consider making to your WordPress site. 

Choose the right hosting company

hosting company

Your choice of hosting provider will help make it easier or tougher for you to move up the SEO rankings. Shared hosting may be ideal for new users who have relatively little traffic. However, it is not recommended for use over long amounts of time. It may result in lagging during peak server usage hours, which could affect the site. For users with a large following, a regularly crashing site could affect the willingness of users to visit the site in future.
A great option is premium hosting services. Even during peak hours when the server may be overloaded as a result of increased traffic, premium hosting enables your site to be reliable and ideally performing. You could also look into WordPress-specific hosting plans and policies that are available with your ideal hosting company.

Optimized themes for search engines

Even though some themes look great, not all themes are suitable for optimization. Choosing a good theme will help you improve the performance of your site, which could improve SEO ratings. There are a number of themes available for you, but keep in mind that smaller and lighter themes offer better performance. You should also do away with any of the old themes or consider installing plugins that will help you switch between two lightweight and minimalist themes.

Specialized SEO Plugging

Plugging offer a variety of features that are designed to help improve user experience as well as customization. You can find a variety of tools, including some which are mentioned on this list, available as plugging for your site. You need to consider finding the right plug-in for you. Plug-in offer great features that make it easy for search engines to group the content on your site, as well as other great tools to improve functionality. Plug-in such as Yoast SEO will provide a range of optimization features that will help boost the SEO rating of your site.

Creating a sitemap


This is a list of all the pages and information available on your site. It is an index of sorts that can be used to guide visitors by providing an overview of the site’s contents. For search engines, a sitemap will help communicate information to the search bots, which will make it easier to categorize the site under a specific topic or theme.

For human visitors, the sitemap can help break down possible site contents. It can guide users who are interested in your site’s content to the exact page where it is displayed. It can also shape the development of a suitable homepage. Like the sitemap, an excerpted home page could reduce overall load times. Excerpts provide an outlay of the information and content within the articles posted on a site, instead of presenting the full articles. This works to reduce the size of the text and images displayed. It can also increase hits, since most visitors will click on at least one more part of the site to follow their content of choice.

Mobile friendly site designs can be ideal

More people are accessing the internet on their mobile phones. Your WordPress site needs to look great and have a smooth interface both on mobile and on the computer. A responsive design could help address compatibility issues. However, a responsive design that is compatibe with the mobile platform does not guarantee streamlined performance. You should consider removing all themes and plugging, and installing a simple framework such as Genesis, or a minimalist theme to help set up your site.

A minimalist theme and a great, responsive design will help improve user satisfaction across platforms that may otherwise be considered difficult. This will boost your SEO rankings, as well as improve user experience.

Final thought

SEO optimization involves aspects other than improving page load speed. You can also build your content around a set of keywords to help make your content more relevant to the users. You may also incorporate links, both external and internal to help develop a relationship between your content and other highly ranked content within the same topics.

You should remember to carry out a comprehensive SEO strategy to avoid effecting only certain aspects of optimization. For best results all the aspects of optimization should be considered together, and used to develop a holistic SEO strategy.

For aspects of optimization that are too technical, you may consider looking into WP speed optimization service providers to ensure a thorough research and problem solving process to help boost your site’s optimal load times.

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