Social Networking

Tips to Avoid Social Networking Addiction

It does not matter even if you are the ultimate networking hybrid! As long as you don’t face off with the Community Manager Multi Personality Disorder at least for once in your life.

When it comes to managing the teen social network programs for the sake of brand endorsements, there is only one catch. To establish a system using the right tools that will save your (and your system’s) Breath.

Social Networking

Manage the accounts

Every day, we log in and out of our Facebook, Twitter and many other social networking IDs! This does not involve our other online activities such as Torrents and Google Drive.

In addition to opening the IDs in a special tab, we also use a different application to get desktop notifications along the way we work. Add this and the Browsers profile.

In common, we use Chrome for the personal profile, Opera for the brands where Firefox is our working profile.

After getting everything ready and logging into every ID we created on all social networking sites we use, as 10 minute passes, an error with the message that this software is not responding appears.

So, how do you deal with it?

The solution:

First of all, ditch the idea of using two or three browsers at a time because they consume too much ram. Create more than one Chrome profile covering your working, personal and surfing profiles.

Once you are done by making the profiles, now you can add your accounts into them. Make sure that each profile is fully personalized according to your use. Bookmark your favorite web pages and save all passwords and chrome apps.

This way, you won`t need to use the Chrome incognito and more than one browser at the same time.

Keep your desktop clean:

What is the most awkward moment when you are using your computer? Probably, when you are trying to find a buried document, but have no success so far!

If the desktop has become a complete mess with your download notification windows are bursting out, the message windows popping out. What do you need more?

A window saying that none of these programs are responding! Well, if you don’t pay attention to how much load you are putting on your system, you may end up losing all your work.

The solution:

So, how do you prevent it from happening? First of all, you need to download the Found App. Installing this application will help you to find all your basic applications.

This includes the ever note, Google talk, Google chrome or any other browser, word documents and any media player you are using.

The best thing about Found App is it provides you with a favorite view window which lets you scroll down through every running application a lot easier without the need of opening them.

So, if you are tired of a messy desktop or losing your work, then this is the solution for you as it not only makes the things easier to see but gets your computer free of extra work load.