Tips in Signing Up a Fresher as an SEO Analyst

Today is the era of digital marketing, and the driving of traffic to the business website is most needed today. Here comes the search engine optimization analysts who raise the Google rankings of a business website. Since today most of the customers get to know about products and services through online only, so making a good online reputation is compulsory and for all these you need an SEO analyst. The demand of manpower in SEO is on the height but the number of experienced candidates is really less because Digital marketing is a new technology in the industry.

Seeing the circumstances, now and then when you are in heavy need, you have to hire a fresher. You will of course not find the same quality of service by the fresher and the experienced guy. But when you do not have a choice, you have to manage by  hiring a fresh candidate. But you can get good results even from the work done by the fresher. All you need is to train the fresher in the right way possible. While hiring make sure that the minimum skills for working in SEO, talents, and soft skills are there in the candidate by default.

You can hire smart candidates and convert them into awesome digital marketers. Points you should follow in doing so are:

Quick Learner’s fit in SEO career

The digital marketing is a vast field and successful SEOs have to study a lot of tips and tactics to put the website on top of Google search. A candidate for SEO should have the hunger and zest to learn. So while hiring focus on candidates who are quick learners. Ask them the skills which they’ve learned within small periods of time. Check if they are really interested in SEO activities. Ask them what they know about your website and its ratings and rankings.


Ask them what good and bad things they have found on your website. And what steps they will take in order to maintain the best website. Ask their ways of viewing any website and how much they know about social media trends.

Ask them to go through SEO tutorials for beginners and ask them how much they liked the role and what they liked exactly. Also, ask basic questions to check how much they concentrated in the tutorial.

Internet Lovers are Most Welcomed

An SEO analyst has to do full-time work on the internet. So never hire people who do not like staying online for a longer time. Always hire internet bugs because they know a lot about browsing the internet. A person who loves travelling all across the World Wide Web will really rock in his SEO career. Ask them what all options in social media they are an expert in, find out if they love blogging and doing a search for newer products.

Their degree of Thinking and Decision-Making

Make sure that the one you hire thinks logically and know how to use big data to make decisions. For that, you have to give them hardcore training on Google Analytics. But for this  their thinking capacity should be sharp.

Check their Writing Talent Too

Though SEO analysts have to work on technical skills but still they have to be good in their writing skills too. A good writer is always a skill for becoming an SEO worker. Because while working on-page, they have to write certain contents and check the plagiarism. Make sure the candidate’s resume do not contain any grammatical mistakes. Because it will show how much the resume’s appearance matters to him. Because the same person is going to work on the appearance of your website.

There Should be a Hunger of Learning New Things Always

People in the SEO career are seen to be very much excited during the early years of their job. As time passes the SEO professionals  seems to lose interests because tips and tactics of digital marketing keep on changing and in order to keep high ratings, you need to keep on learning newer and better tactics . In order to reach the top ranks, the SEO tactics always need to be updated.  So while hiring make sure you hire people who never get tired of learning new things. People who love learning new things are a good fit for SEO analysts.

Ask candidates whether they are more interested in SEO or audience turning into paying customers. Because the ultimate objective is to have paid customers only. The candidates who select the second option are a better fit for the job. Ask them questions regarding the importance of investment in SEO by new businesses, the risks in those investments and how it can be balanced.

Check if they are Owners of Certain Skills

It is an advantage if the person you hire for SEO analysts has got some knowledge in marketing, web designing, and programming in HTML, PHP, and Copywriting etc. A candidate may or may not have any of these skills, but still the only  quality he should have is the excitement to work on the internet.

You always expect more from experienced candidates and if they turn out to fail your expectations, you really become disappointed. But when you hire a fresher your expectations are low and if trained properly they can turn out to be good performers; it is really a very good news for your business.  Hiring experienced ones also cost a lot. You can hire smart freshers and train them well. You will be special for them since you are their first employer and if your hiring is right they will obviously never neglect their part of work. Hiring a fresher, training him well, making a path for him to a future career and watching him nurture is really another kind of happiness, which no experience candidate can give you.


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