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Tips on how to use data analytics to improve your business



how to use data analytics

It is no secret that data analytics can be exponentially valuable for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Data analytics is a form of business intelligence that is utilized for making better use of the data collected for business. According to a survey carried out by Bloomberg Businessweek Research Services, 97 percent of respondents claim their companies have adopted data analytics.

However, implementing data analytics that informs effective and intelligent business decisions is quite challenging. Many businesses struggle with making sure the data is consistent and accurate. So, how can you use data analytics to achieve better insights that drive sales and engage customers? Continue reading this post.

1.     Security enhancements

As the number of online transactions increased over the years, the rate at which people commit fraud has also increased commensurately. Hackers have brought down quite a couple of businesses, both offline and online. Apart from losing money as the result of losing customer data to hackers, it can also damage your business’s reputation.

Data analytics allows you to implement software that would help safeguard sensitive information by leveraging on a couple of technologies, including speech recognition, natural language processing, video recognition, and machine learning engines.

2.     Enables efficiency in business

Data analytics helps you get a clear comprehension of what is happening with your business so that you can find a solution quickly instead of being blindsided by guesswork. You can definitely get help from business intelligence if you don’t want to read extensive reports about your business. The right business intelligence will allow you to get an accurate insight into a huge amount of data within a couple of minutes. The data analytics also allows you to summarize and organize the data collected.

3.     Build better products

In order to remain a thriving force in the industry, a business must continue to evolve – this means constantly building better services, new products. Now, this is where data analytics plays a significant role. With data analytics, you can understand market trends better, like what the customers are drifting towards, what they are attracted to, and what the future holds.

Once you get the necessary information with the help of data analytics, you can simply go-ahead to develop a better product that has a high chance of succeeding in the market.

4.     CRM and marketing

Personalization is a priority for marketers – from PPC retargeting campaigns to mail merges, businesses have tried to use personalization to build a stronger bond with their customers. Proper implementation of data analytics will allow you to predict user preferences and enrich product data in a way that maximizes conversions. From creating a highly-targeted email to determining the order of presenting products, more data in your CRM gives you more opportunities to engage with your customers on a personal level.

5.     Prevent customer turnover

You can practice superior customer relationship management by implementing data analytics. For example, if you are experiencing a reduction in the rate at which a particular customer buys your product or service, you can easily identify through efficient data analytics, informing you of the possibility of losing a customer.

If you can identify this issue at a crucial time, you will be able to retain that particular customer by asking the customer for feedback directly or creating remedial strategies. In the long run, your customer’s feedback will help your business as it will identify the primary reason for turnover or churn, which can be challenging to know otherwise. Data analytics also gives you the opportunity to learn about the flaws or weaknesses of your business.

6.     Analyzing your competitors

We have been talking about how you can analyze your company’s data to improve your business. However, it is also crucial to look at what your competitors are doing – this requires analyzing the performance, products, and strategies of your competitors to understand what you need to do to improve your services or products and increase your customer base.

When analyzing your competition, you should ask yourself: what are their services/products? Who are your competitors? What strategies have they used in the past, and what are the tactics and strategies they are currently using? How are they advertising and marketing their products? What are their strengths and weakness?


Business moves at an extremely fast speed. Your business can take a significant lead if you know what questions need answering and hire a reliable data analytic company like ProsNet Gold Coast. Every company has access to data; the difference is in your ability to turn your data-driven insights into ideas and decisions that transform your business and drive growth.

To sum up, data analytics can offer some worthy benefits to your business. Data analytics can help ensure your company is headed in the right direction.

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