Tips and Tricks to get more from your Android KitKat device

Tips and Tricks to get more from your Android KitKat device

The new Nexus device, Nexus 5 came with the release of a new version of android. The latest android, KitKat came in with a couple of new features. The update was soon rolled out to other Nexus devices as well. Nexus 4 was another device which received the 4.4 update and then the 4.4.2. While the Jelly Bean was good enough already and they have carried forward most of the features from it, there are some additions as well. We give you an idea of what you can do with this new version of android and what fresh have they brought to the table.
Tips and Tricks to get more from your Android KitKat device

Easily find business contacts

The android KitKat can do a lot more with the dialer than just call your contacts. The ‘Phone’ is now updated and it is not just a simple dialer thing. With the new ‘Phone’, you can simply start typing in the search bar on the top and not only will it look around your device but it will also browse through a database to find what you need. You can look up stuff like shops and eateries. You will quickly get a list of results on which you simply tap and call on the number. It is more like a yellow pages thing for your device.

ART runtime

Well everyone might not know this but android uses Dalvik to run apps and they are compiled right when you launch them. This is good when you install apps as they install quickly and don’t occupy a lot of space but it isn’t healthy for launch times. Now however, on this new version you can use ART. It is still in development phase but it compiles all your apps and you can launch them quickly. The benefits are small but theoretically it should allow for the CPU to idle more often and thus aiding the battery life. Once you enable it from the developer options, your device will recompile all the apps and thus would take a while to set up everything.


You have been using paid third party apps to open office documents on your device? Now with this version of android, you get a nice office editor preinstalled. Using quickoffice, you can not only view office documents but also create a new document, spreadsheet or presentation. The created or edited documents can be shared right away from the app only, whether you use email or any cloud service.

OK Google

Have you been jealous of people using Siri on their iPhones and have tried to find something similar for your Google device? Well you might not have to do it now. You get to act cool by saying OK Google if you want your phone to do stuff for you. It can do a lot of stuff like call up your friends or maybe play a track that is on your phone. Just say what to do and it will be done for you.