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Things to know about discord and learn how to report someone on discord app



report someone on discord app

As a video game player, you love to play many interesting games such as resident evil, hitman, death loop, god of war, back four blood, and cyber shadow daily. In general, these games will get more attention from worldwide video players. Sometimes, you might feel that these are the games that are not easy to play at any time. The thing is, you don’t have expert advice on your side while following the game rules. It would help if you got the guidance of a video game player familiar with these games worldwide. In such a case, you should have a common platform to connect with them. Discord is known as the best solution for all the above situations. With the help of the discord application, you may feel the gaming experience with the help of others, and making the same for your game will always be possible. In the discord application, you can connect with someone on your friend list or else unknown people, and you can get the details on “how to report someone on discord.”

 report someone on discord

Discord is always better than play station and Xbox.

gameplay in a single system
play station and Xbox

Discord application will be available on all platforms such as Windows, Apple IOS, Android, and even Linux operating systems. So, you can move this application into any other media without worrying about technical issues on your device. The main purpose of this app is to create a connection between two or more people and make their chats private at any time. 

In PlayStation, it will lock your entire mode of communication and gameplay in a single system. It isn’t easy to shift it to other platforms. On the other hand, Xbox will also have an implementation like play station. Both the platforms are dependent on the computer system or device that you are playing. But in discord, you can access it with the help of any procedures since it is platform-independent. 

No issues in communication media

friends and relatives through social media
communication media

Unlike play station and Xbox, discord helps you create the best connection between you and your partner. Most video game players are interested in sharing their achievements with their friends and relatives through social media. Discord will support all way of communication methods in its implementation. In the discord application, you have a list of choices to connect your account with other play station and Xbox account. Either you are a Windows user or Mac user or android or IOS user, the method of communication will be easy to understand at any time. Most of the time, you will get some trust issues while communicating with someone online. In this scenario, it will help you to report people on discord instantly. 

Feel the better video quality choices

 for video calling
video quality choices

At present, you have many applications to chat with someone, but for video calling, you can get few lists of applications in-app store. Discord is the best and one among them, in which you can connect it with any video calling application like zoom for clear video quality. Apart from communication, you should know the real person on your network. So, you can easily avoid such people by asking how to report users on discord to an expert at any time for sure.

Steps to report someone on discord

Reporting is the process of complaining about someone’s activity due to their misbehavior. In the real world, we can punish those people with laws and policies, but it is always important to lock or ban someone for their poor activity in the internet world. Discord application will allow you to discord how to report someone at any time with simple instructions. You are advised to follow those instructions whenever if you are facing such issues. There are two ways to relay someone on your discord application, such:

Using behavior choice

To get the details on how to report someone to discord, you have to follow these steps:

  • First of all, you have to log in to your discord application to know the reporting process.
  • On your top left side of the application, you will see the menu choice and select it with a single press.
  • Otherwise, you can press the discord icon on your application.
  • Now, you can see the behavior choice on your right. Select it, and it will move to another page.
  • On this page, you will see the developer choice in the middle. If it is enabled, leave it. Otherwise, you will allow it by pressing it.
  • A specific ID knows every user in the discord application. With the help of that ID, you can connect or reject them with the single steps. Sometimes, you can’t get any apologies from them due to their worst activity. So, you should be ready to realize that how to report someone on discord by using the IDs on their account.
  • Now copy their ID and add it into the report team of discord application. Make sure, with that, and you are giving a genuine reason to report them.
  • Later, the report team will decide the truth and ban the particular person without notification.

Using appearance choice

  • On here, repeat the login process like mentioned above. Now, on your top left side, you will see the menu and press it.
  • On your right side, you will see the appearance choice and press it.
  • Now, the middle of the screen will show the developer choice like before. Just enable it with the simple press.
  • Choose the person that you want to report by selecting the ID on their account.
  • Now add that ID and the reason for reporting on your report team.
  • Reporting team will get exclusive access to the particular account and ban it by reading your report.
  • In the end, you will get to know that is “how to report someone on discord” with the simple steps.


Discord is well known for its exciting implementation. Nowadays, millions of video gamer players using this application for a better gaming experience. As a mobile user or system user, you should be aware of the fake people surfing online. Finding them is not an easy task for everyone, but in discord, you will get the details on “how to report someone on discord” by following the above steps at the end. 

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