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The Use of Gadgets in Modern Education System



Gadgets play a vital role not only in communication at different levels but also in the educational process. However, their use may produce some adverse effects.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Devices in Education

Education wise, gadgets open up a number of new opportunities which can dramatically improve the learning process and make it more exciting. College is one of the most significant stages in a person’s life. The faster changes occur, the better people understand the importance of combining advanced education and modern technology. It is difficult to imagine a school today without computers, interactive boards, and the Internet.

Advantages of Using Gadgets in the Learning Process

Smartphones, PCs, netbooks, laptops, tablets, and e-books can provide enormous assistance to teachers. Electronic tech gadgets for education have long replaced traditional notebooks and textbooks. As far as the educational process is concerned, computer technologies are thought of in terms of using various gadgets for teaching students and a tool for creating an integrated virtual learning environment (LINK).

More and more students worldwide are using computers in their studies. Even junior high school students are really knowledgeable about modern means of communication and have no problem applying them in the classroom.

Benefits of High-Tech Units in Education

Experienced teachers agree that the use of gadgets and different Internet services can significantly enhance the effectiveness of studies. By using the latest gadgets for education, students tend to become more interested in learning different subjects.

Modern devices make it possible to use them for writing and drawings, as well as saving your work on any data storage device.  There are also software tools that can serve as individual tutors by taking into account individual students’ characteristics.

Another advantage modern technology provides teachers with is an opportunity to immediately check students’ tests, thus eliminating any doubt about the objectivity of the results and significantly reducing the time spent on checking them.

The use of education gadgets opens up additional opportunities for qualitative improvement of the learning process. We can list several distinct benefits of  information technologies, namely:

  • Computer visualization of educational information of any nature, both real objects and virtual ones;
  • An opportunity to save and store a wealth of graphical and textual information;
  • An ability to transfer a great deal of data;
  • Easy access to any information;
  • An automatic solution of computing and searching tasks;
  • Better contact between the teacher and students and easier monitoring of academic performance.

Disadvantages of Using Gadgets in the Learning Process

Like any other new phenomenon, using gadgets has its negative effects, too. Students are often distracted from classes due to chatting in social networks. Many young people prefer playing games on tablets instead of communicating with their classmates. Also, with the advent and development of essay mills (like, many learners buy their papers online.”

Psychologists claim that children’s attention deteriorates due to excessive use of gadgets. In order to change the situation for the better, the Parliament of France recently adopted a bill banning the use of modern devices in both primary and secondary schools which is due to enter into effect this year. However, the bill makes certain exceptions for gadgets if they are essential for the educational process. It seems that such an initiative of the French officials is introducing a new global trend which is referred to as “digital detox.” It means a conscientious objection to using gadgets for some time since more and more high-tech users recognize the dependence of electronic devices. Many experts talk about the threat of depression and other adverse effects in case of their excessive use.


To sum up, using computers for teaching purposes is characterized by high efficiency, activation of the students’ cognitive activity, and receiving quicker feedback from students. The most important thing here is to teach students how to use modern technology wisely.

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