IT Survival Guide

The IT Survival Guide: Gearing You up for Your IT Future

IT industry has a tremendous scope for techno-savvy individuals worldwide. If you want to make it big in the IT and software field, I would definitely suggest the IT survival guide, as it is a great way to get started on your IT dream.

The course gives a comprehensive guidance in learning about trades like java programming, video editing, and hobby electronics.

Here is a short review of the course, and the ways in which you can benefit from it.

The Course

If you are considering beginning a startup or a development company, or want to enhance your knowledge on the IT industry, this course is a great way to do it.

Java programming, according to Sun, is a ‘write once & run anywhere’ software that can give you great benefits.

Once you have written the program, it can be run anywhere, as it is integrated in all major operating systems, all major web browsers, and into common electronic devices such as set-top boxes, cell phones, and PDAs.

With this course from developer Andrew Magdy Kamal, you can learn about basic Java programming completely.

Video editing is a part of the course that gives you complete guidance in putting together a successful online video of your own.

I found that the hobby electronics and other parts of the course are also completely detailed and useful. They help you get a head start in your area of interest.

Who can benefit from this course?

The course is especially beneficial for students looking to learn a new trade.

However, it is not limited to imparting knowledge to students alone, as video editors, engineers, programmers, hobbyists, and any other individuals who are interested in software and IT will find the course simple and effective.

Course 2

About the Developer

Andrew Magdy Kamal, the course developer, is CEO at AndSocialRew Gaming and Publishing.

He is a techno genius who has interests in various fields from app development and product design to theoretical physics, computers science, and mathematical computation.

His apps like Minefense and product range including Mixed Reality Suit are widely known. He does not only limit his expertise to producing new inventions, but also desires to share his knowledge with others.

This has led to courses like the IT survival guide that is aimed at helping people learn more about IT.

Need for the Course

Information technology is a continuously evolving field that is slowly becoming an integral part of all other professions.

Businesses and individuals can gain a lot from knowing more about the field and its applications.

This course helps students and professionals to take a positive step towards understanding certain facets of the industry and equip themselves for that reason.

The global market today is full of various opportunities, which can be utilized well, if you are properly equipped.

Information is a valuable commodity that should be absorbed appropriately, so you can use it effectively to further your studies or gain an edge in your startup or professional career.

This course is a highly valuable tool, which is sure to be of immense use.

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