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The Evolution Of Animation & Its Techniques



The figure or object in motions looks fascinating but if you add a bit of interactive graphics in it you can give life to any dead soul and make it look enchanting—that’s what animation is. If you think animation is easy, be ready to get surprised while engrossing some of its major milestones.

You must have heard about the animation process or commonly referred to as “tool bag”. This animation process involves shot-by-shot animation, solid pose making, thumbnails creation, video references, the creation of additional breakdowns and movements engaged in every gesture.

Animation has evolved hugely over the years. If you look at the techniques used during the initial era of animation you would be astonished to witness the great difference and to observe the magnificent flair of advancement. Emile Cohl was the first renowned animator. He used to draw animation using a chalkboard. He used to create a shot-by-shot scene to depict the movement before converting them digitally. The styles began referring as nonsensical and magical.

For the next decade, the animation was created in the same manner. No new advancement were seen until Window McKay produced character animation. With the evolution of character animation, the huge shift was seen in the techniques. Now the professionals begin to ponder on making interactive and interesting characters.

Tools were created and software was designed to take the bar higher. Animators begin to develop characters that can have humanly features. Many legendary characters include Koko the Clown and Felix the Cat. Viewers got engaged, and each character received tons of appreciation. Until this time, any object that was animated adds motion in it as well.

Animation 1

Koko The Clown

Now even the tables were dancing, and kettles were singing. Animation was cartoonish if you see it the way it is regarded now. Because of being cartoonish, each character gleamed with emotions and connectivity. From their body languages to expressions, every area of their characterization used to go well with the plot and contributed in explaining the story more compellingly.

The Disney Production

Just when the viewers were enjoying the depiction of motions graphics in 2D framework, steps in the great Disney Production with its novel techniques and a devotion to bringing innovation in every major area of animation. The creation of the Fantasia became the signpost to discover a new flair in 2D animation.

The movie not only steered the objects or characters, but it built an entire story having different scenes and settings, colors and intensities. From establishing an emotional impact to infusing a modernized look in the animation, the movie stood out as the finest.

It was the era of the late 1940s and early 50s when the innovations and professionals were involved in bringing out the best of animated work. After Fantasia, many movies surfaced that kept on enthralling the viewers for years. Gradually after exploring the vast possibilities of 2D animated video production animators dived into creating the 3D framework.

Now the animation was created in the 3-dimensional framework. Every angle was visible, and scenes were produced covering the entire area of the setting.

Until it was 2010, the animation got bigger and better. Movies like the Lion King and Aladdin were made. Cartoons like the ever-famous Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo, and Dexter won hearts. While some of the renowned creations also got enacted by human actors like the movie Scooby Doo, where each character was animated in the cartoons.

The Disney Production

The Arrival of CGI Production

CGI animation is one form of making an animation where animators create computer-generated-images. CGI animation is a bit different from traditional computer animation. In this form, even the static images and scenes are stimulated realistically. In 2010, the movie Tangled highlighted the use of CGI production where every move and gesture of characters were produced realistically. From facial features to expression the production was so much closer to reality.

Over time movies like Wreck-It-Ralph, Incredibles, Big Hero, Zootopia, Moana, and Frozen stunned the viewers. However, the year 2019 is expected to set a fire in the scope of CGI animation. Reports state that three top movies are about to hit the top charts namely- The Lion King 2019, Dumbo, and Aladdin. The remake of the two-legendry movies- The Lion King and Aladdin show a huge transformation in the animation process.

If you look closely, you cannot get even a shred of doubt to guess whether they are real or not. Either the real human actors are mixed with computer-generated characters like the movie The Jungle Bok displayed. The character Mowgli was the only real actor on the set and else was all CGI animation. Same is going to be seen in these three upcoming movies.

The Arrival of CGI Production

The Missing Element in CGI Animations

The entire process of making a CGI animation is divided into different phases. At first, the story is composed then the storyboard is created. The storyboard creation is a bit different than the one created in ordinary animation. Here the animators have to visualize detailed depiction of a scene. They have to add movement exactly the way an object is supposed to move with respect to nature, gravitational force and all the external factors acting on it.

The Missing Element in CGI Animations

However, in the quest to make realistic animation, the real essence is somehow lost. Even though the upcoming movie teasers show the brilliant work of its producers and artist, the emotional impact has been lost somewhere in the midst. The characters are unable to respond and react interactively. If you create a realistic lion, how come you make him laugh or blink. As lions normally cannot do that with.

Disney is known to revive animation after every once in a while. It introduces new touches and techniques to add an innovative drive in the creation. Now hopefully, in the coming time, the animation is sure going to be more modified. The element of emotional influence will be blended finely connecting viewers with the story and its characters immaculately.

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