Tips to Drive Traffic from Facebook

The Effective Way Helped Me for Driving Traffic to New Blog

This is guest post submitted by my colleague Ujjwal Kumar Sen from Read more about him here.

Blogging without traffic, can not be imagine for long time.


I hope you agree with me.

Another thing, blogging without SEO is just impossible.

I know, what you are thinking? It is also right.

But, I will prove it wrong, even I was thinking the same, but the way I have used to drive traffic to my new blog.

Which will blow your mind.

Yes, which will change the way you think about driving traffic to blog.

Well, I am not saying don’t use SEO, use it but you need to pay attention here too, I mean other sources of traffic, see those days gone when you could see your major source of traffic only Search engines, now a days you can see the fastest growing blog Upworthy getting traffic only 2.3% from search engines and rest of traffic come from other sources.

See, there are many sources like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Reddit, Digg, Blog Directories, E-mail list,,, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

But, I have used only one social media “Facebook” to drive traffic to my blog.

Here is exactly, what I did?

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I Create Blog on Education Niche-

Well, after blogging more than few years, I have learn lot of things in blogging, so I decided to create a niche blog on GATE 2015.

I got domain name after research as well as thinking for long time blogging, as a Blogger I always think about long time.

I have created the blog, but did not have much idea to get traffic other than SEO and from social medias too.

After Writing 10 High Quality Articles Traffic “Nothing”-

Well, I have started writing articles on high volume search, till two to three months but no positive result.

Completely Upset.

But, I know I can get traffic, but I need to find out the right media.

Even then I did not stop. I write articles but not much often, sometimes. yes article were quite in depth as well as details indeed.

Even then no positive result.

I Wanted to Find Something Different-

I realized that, the SEO game change, I need to concentrate more on this.

Then, I start thinking about social medias to drive traffic, but It was just 50 to 100 visitors per day on overage after using this trick.

Well, better, but I was not happy with it.

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Facebook Come to My Mind-

Now, I think about Facebook.

I am sure, if I can use Facebook proper way, then I am sure I could drive more traffic to my blog.

I find out the option TAG, this option let me drive good traffic, I knew it.

But, I wanted to make sure about it.

Just Think What to Write-

Well, because my blog was on GATE 2015 niche, that’s why I have choose to write an article on “PSU’s Going to Hire through GATE 2015”.

I knew it.

Almost all students those will appear in GATE 2015, they must wanted to know companies will hire through GATE 2015.

You just can not believe, what happen to my stats?

I have added the image below with likes as well as traffic stats-


Tips to Drive Traffic from Facebook


Then Use the Old Method to Get Traffic-

Its time to know the real cine behind this.

I am going to tell you, what I did ?

I did not do anything special, I just share the article on my wall and Tag few of my friends those are going to appear in GATE 2015.

I knew they are going to read the article and it worked, after then I just started writing dashing article and got targeted traffic on my blog.

It Gets Me Average 50 Likes Per Blog Post-

If you will see professional blogger stats.

They also got 20 to 100 likes each blog post, but I did it with just a new blog with having only few blog posts and absolutely no e-mail list, no followers at all.

Let me tell you few things happened after that, I got many messages from students those will appear in GATE 2015 as well as in GATE 2016, they wanted to know the study plan for GATE and I got an Idea from them for my next blog post.

This way can help you to get idea too for your next blog post and readers are already waiting for the blog post.

This is the real beauty of social media and I must say “blogging”


Facebook having more than 1 billion users, but I don’t want that much, I think neither you, you just need to concentrate on certain niche and try to get people on your blog, I mean you need targeted readers.

But, remember you must write great quality as well as valuable content in your blog post to get more likes for long time, otherwise you may get likes for first time, but later you will loose it.

One more thing, don’t try to concentrate on many medias, try to concentrate on one and then go for another one, it will help you to focus on one media and which would be better.

Is there anything would you like to know for driving traffic to blog? Feel free to ask by commenting below.


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  1. Hey Ujjwal and Nisha,

    Its the main point you are focusing on. Getting traffic to your blog is the most important thing. Blogging without traffic is just a waste.

    I was so worried about my blog when I started it. As you have mentioned that no positive results were there even after writing ten blog posts.

    Though it takes time to build connections and drive traffic at your blog but still people should get motivated. When bloggers don’t get readers then it will discourage them.

    Facebook is a great platform to use. You can drive traffic but only if you have quality in your content. You should know the value of making relationships.

    Thanks for sharing this informative article.

    Hope you both are having a successful week.:)


  2. Hey Ujjwal,

    Nice to meet you here… 🙂

    Some simple but important tips here my friend… 🙂

    Yes.. “Blogging without SEO” is possible… 🙂


  3. While nowadays content is king I agree without off site SEO you end up nowhere.

  4. Hi Ravi,

    Traffic is must for success of each and every blog. Blogging is not 1-night job. You have to keep patience and provide high quality content to get success in to the same.

    Don’t give up yourself, just try to make good connections, strong relationship with other bloggers and provide high quality content to your users. This is the most important part of blogging.

    Social media plays amazing role in driving traffic to your blog. But, facebook is always a top referral network for most of the bloggers accept myself.

    Thanks for stopping by here. Have a good day ahead!

  5. Hi Karmakar,

    Yes, I am agree that the post is quite simple but, very informative too.

    Thanks for coming by and share your thoughts with us. Have a blessed day!

  6. Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for stopping by here. You are very true that “the content is king”. Without SEO, we can rank out high quality post.

    Have a nice day!

  7. Good post. I’ve found organic traffic from search engines is vastly over-hyped. Not only is it completely unpredictable (you never know when Google will change their algorithms) but it also converts horribly. While it can’t be ignored, there are way better ways to get targeted traffic to your website.

    I find these exact methods are very dependent on niche. Some tactics that work for some niches won’t work at all for others.

  8. Hi Ujjwal,

    I have often heard that social media sites can help you a lot in getting traffic to your site. As such, as you say, concentrating first on any one platform like Facebook or Twitter and then moving on to others will be to our advantage.

    Thank you for sharing this good information.

  9. Thanks for your sharing your views here.

    Is there anything I could help you?

  10. Yes, that’s right, Thanks for reading.

  11. Hi Nisha

    Thanks for publishing this wonderful guest post by Ujjwal.

    Idea is really great but this can just be availed to make a big start. Eventually one has to rely on organic traffic and that is possible only through search engines.

    Education niche is one of the most attractive niche as far as traffic and market value is concerned. GATE is an all-time favorite niche but one needs to change its year on annual basis.

    He has wonderfully explained the trick he applied for getting traffic to new blog and it is really workable.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this post of high quality.

  12. Hi James,

    You are very right here. Google’s algo can change anytime. We should take care and alert everytime.

    Try to target your traffic from various sources, don’t depend on just one source. it can be harmful.

    Thanks for coming by and share your thoughts with us.

    Have a wonderful day!

  13. Hi Muba,

    Thanks for your kind words.

    We should not depend on only one source of traffic. We should try all referring sources to gran awesome traffic.

    Yes, Education niche is very popular as it is visited by every age of people.

    Right, Ujjawal has explained nicely his experiences with us. Hope, thsi will be helpful for all.

    Thanks for coming by and share your valuable thoughts with us. You are always welcome.

    Have a wonderful day ahead!

  14. Great efforts! It was amazing content that will surely help the bloggers to drive the good enough traffic.

  15. Hey Ujjwal and Nisha,

    It is great that you found out what worked in getting traffic. Like you mentioned, it is a pain to write on a blog and you don’t get traffic. Thanks for showing us how to get traffic on facebook

  16. Hey Ujjwal, Nisha

    First this is Great and wonderfull work i like your postNice to meet you here… 🙂 Some simple but important tips here my friend… :)Yes.. “Blogging without SEO” is possible… Good Job Keep it Up , Thanks For Sharing me ,

    Leena Shah

  17. Social media traffic might prove that you don’t need organic traffic but I firmly believe it won’t help a blog in the long run. FB may have a billion members but I have noticed their behavior and preferences change a lot resulting in a switch over their allegiance. I mean our loyalists might not stick to us for long time whereas search engines depend purely on content and its authority to index search results. Blog traffic is possible without SEO but traffic due to SEO is more dependable.

  18. Hi Ujjwal,

    I like your statement “Facebook having more than 1 billion users, but I don’t want that much”, what a punch of humor!

    Well, driving traffic is really hard job at the first while many are enjoying easy traffic after they’ve established themselves. Your tips about concentrating on a single source is worth noting.

    The kind of blog and the target audience determines the source and number of visitors that’s considered good. But at the end of the day, it is our objective behind the blog that matters.

    As long as your aim is to make online money using Ad networks like Adsense, or sell affiliate products, organic traffic is a must. I’ve experienced, it’s only the search engine visitors who click on Ads and that gets paid.

    If your monetization source is selling your own ebooks or other products, social network traffic can be paying.

    As long as you are blogging just for fun or serving others, it does not matter from which source you’re driving traffic. But such cases are very rare, isn’t it?

  19. Hi Nisha and Ujjwal,

    Yes, Facebook has great potential, but I would not like to tag people as I feel that is bothering them unnecessarily – just as I don’t like to be tagged, which is something not in my hands because each time I log into FB, I have over a 100 notification, mostly tags!

    Yes, tag the right or related people if you wish to draw their attention, those who wouldn’t mind getting tagged.

    Other than that, if you write helpful content,for your readers, you will get traffic. Besides, nothing works better than building relationships with fellow bloggers as they will always visit your posts, isn’t it? Just my two cents.

    Thanks for sharing. Happy weekend, both of you 🙂

  20. Hi Nisha and Ujjwal

    This is a very informative post giving ideas and strategies for driving traffic to your blog. I believe the volume will vary from one blog/blogger to another meaning what works for one don’t always work for another.

    Tagging people is a good idea but it has to be used with caution so that it does not appear ‘spammy’ or bothering someone who probably don’t want to be bothered like that.

    Facebook does have potential and can work to your advantage once you know how. There is a trend now too on Facebook where businesses and bloggers alike are sharing more picture posts – their idea or quote is included on a beautiful picture of some kind. In addition, writing great content will draw readers and traffic to your blog.

    Happy weekend and thanks for sharing. 🙂

  21. Hi Ujjwal,

    The social media strategies you specified are good but the features like tagging would give a negative impression on your blog. I have used it in the past and so learned a lesson from it too. Everything else looks fine. nice article by the way!

  22. Yes, you are right @Imran, I hope you are a blogger, you must use this tip, if you have not use yet.

    And don’t forget to share your result here.

    Thanks for reading.

  23. Hello @Sasidhar first of all thanks for giving time to read this article and share your opinion about the article.

    But, dear the statement you are telling here, that is depend.

    I mean whom you tag, see if you are tagging those are just hungry to know the information you are sharing, then it would be just win to win situation, I hope you must implement this and I am damn sure you will get positive result.

    Thanks again

  24. Hello @Leena Shah

    I hope you are doing awesome.

    See dear, there are always having lot of opportunities for doing something, but you need to find out your own way.

    I hope you got an idea from this blog post.

    Thanks for reading.

  25. Hello @Wilson

    First of all thanks for reading.

    Actually, you have really find out the great point, that I did not mention in the article properly.

    Yes you are right, if you want to get real traffic then tag only people are looking for such information.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  26. Hello @Harleena Singh

    Thanks for reading and sharing your opinion about the article.

    See, every body not having friends list like you, who got 100 of notification each day, then it is obvious that my tip works and I hope it will work for all those will try this.

    Yes, I must say, you should tag people those are just looking for such information.

    One more thing, I will point out here-

    You are talking about making blogger friends then I must tell you, what about Amit Agarwal, I never got any one blogger name from his blog post, but he is one of the top blogger in the world, not only in India.

    I hope you know him.

    By the way thanks for reading @Harleena

  27. Yes @Ikechi you can drive lots of traffic from social media but you must have good content that’s why people will like that.

    Otherwise your effort will be just wastage of time, nothing else.

    Well, Thanks for reading and sharing your opinion here.

  28. Yes, if will concentrate on one thing, then it becomes easier to get success, that’s why I point out there and one more thing you must share your content on content sharing websites like reddit, stumbleupon those are also play important for getting ton of traffic at a time.

    Thanks for sharing your opinion here.

  29. You are right, SEO is good but you must utilize other sources too, because you have lot of sources, then why stick to one source dear?

    And dear I have suggestion for you, just “don’t put all eggs in one bucket”.

    Thanks for reading and sharing your opinion here.

  30. Hello Ujjwal,

    What a wonderful post you’ve got here, its so revealing.

    Although Search Engines traffic are so necessary, i still believe that Social Media is a good way of driving traffic to a site. Honestly, ever since i started blogging, i have never gotten a single page view from a search engine since my blog is new. All my traffic comes from facebook and blogging communities. Social Media is indeed a nice method of getting audience to your blog.

    I saw this wonderful article on AHA Now community where it was shared. Thanks for sharing

  31. Good Case study Ujjawal. Traffic is the main reward for any blogger. Good luck.

  32. Hello @Ngwu

    Thanks for sharing your opinion here, yes you right.

    For any new blog it is really difficult to rank on Google but social media is the main key for new blog for driving lot of traffic.

    But, we must utilize SEO too, because it is helpful too for blog in long run.


  33. Thanks @Atish

    I think this is the key of traffic for new blog, because SEO does not help new blog.

    Well, thanks again for reading as well as sharing your article.

  34. Hey Nisha,

    It was a great guest post i used to tag my friends in initial days of blogging i used to write tricks how to get paid apps for free. And i had drove more than 10000+ traffic for just a single post that was “How to Increase WhatsApp privacy” which helped me to get traffic, traffic and traffic !!!

    Thanks for sharing

  35. Another great and worth reading article. Well, I think driving traffic is still not an issue along with this strong competition if you have some sense and useful mind and you are kind of a smart working personality rather than hard working.

    Thanks, keep writing :D!

  36. Try to target your traffic from various sources, don’t depend on just one source

  37. Hi ujjwal,

    I also applies the same technique and brought huge traffic to my blog in my early days of blogging career.Still it’s the best way to get traffic if your blog is a brand new..Remember,SEO can’t be done for 2-3 days blog and google wont put those blogs on top

  38. Hello Ujjwal
    Thanks for posting this article and once again I am thinking to reconnect my blog with Facebook. From last few weeks I am not using Facebook for promotion of my blog because when I was promoting my articles on Facebook, I was not getting desire result and it developed negativity about Facebook in my mind.
    Now once again I will concentrate on it.

  39. Hi Ujjwal,

    Nice article about drive traffic to your blog or website. Social medias are one of the great helpful ways to drive traffic. Thanks for Sharing this amazing article. Newbie who have interest in blogging but they quit the blogging for low traffic. this is the great way for them.

    Swapnil Kharche