The Benefits Of Adding A Blog To Your Magento Store

Once online retailers have discovered the benefits of blogging, commercial blogs became a new trend for online businesses. If you are not yet aware of the trend or want to evaluate how much you can gain from running a commercial blog, we have created this short summary for you:

Adding A Blog To Your Magento Store

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A source of reviews and a presentation of products

You are free to choose the general theme for your blog: you can write posts about your products, your field of expertise or you can publish your customers’ reviews. The latter option is particularly interesting, because not only you are providing your customers with detailed information about your products, but these reviews come from people, who have used your products in the past and their opinions are not affected by any affiliation with your company. A blog is also a great space for revealing news about your upcoming promotions and innovative products. You can build the anticipation and excitement by posting the new information bit by bit. These few ideas for a blog do not exhaust all possibilities that you have and we encourage every entrepreneur to try different approaches to blogging and choose the one, which brings the best results.

Blogs as SEO tools

Every time you add a new post about your products or services, you are also adding new content filled with keywords and information about your company, which can be used by Google bots to establish your ranking on the search result page. On top of that, Google ranks higher those websites, which are rich in content. Therefore, the more you post, the higher all of your pages are in the ranking. It is a fantastic opportunity, especially for those online retailers, who do not run any complex SEO campaigns.

Implemented or separated?

This is the question that every online retailer should answer first: do I want to run an implemented blog, which is an integral part of my online store and is featured under the same domain, or do I want to have a separate blog, which is not directly connected to my online store and is featured under a new domain? We left this question for the last paragraph, because after reading the previous two you should understand better the benefits of implemented and separated blogs. In general, implemented blogs are better for your SEO, because all backlinks from implemented blogs are pointing to your main domain. Separated blogs, on the other hand, have to be linked to your main domain and that can cause multiple problems.

For example, Google bots tend to give less value for links from less popular websites, so if you start a new online store and a new blog at the same time, both these websites have low value, according to Google, and linking one to another does not improve your ranking. If SEO is your priority, implemented solutions are more recommended.

End Words

If you want to integrate a blog into your Magento store, order custom Magento development. Separated blogs are most useful to those entrepreneurs, who want to present themselves as experts in a certain discipline – having a blog, which is not directly connected to your online store, allows you to post tips for other online retailers and interesting articles about your professional experience.

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