Ritesh Sarvaiya, the owner of Defencely

BOOM! An awesome talk with Ritesh Sarvaiya, the founder of Defencely

I chanced upon this opportunity to interview Ritesh Sarvaiya, the founder of Defencely, one of the leading Indian security experts providing round-the-clock security services to major global websites.

I would like to share the highlights of this interview with our readers to help you get better insights into the latest online security domain and how a company rose to new heights on the global online security arena.

Ritesh Sarvaiya, the owner of Defencely

1. First of all, Thank you Ritesh Sarvaiya for accepting the request and giving me the opportunity to spend some time with you.

Ans: I whole heartedly admire the need to connect on grounds of brand level Defencely has achieved in the present digital security landscape.

It’s a pleasure to deliver a sound overview of what we do here and how we achieved it until now for the overall good security posture to big giant clients in India.

I would take my time to deliver you all necessary information regarding the same; being precise for all what matters is the perfect security balance Defencely is able to maintain into its portfolio and would continue to do so in the coming years.

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2. How you engaged with the web securities business and made the Brand Defencely?

Ans: Defencely started up with small web business to enterprise-level security services in-between which we proved ourselves to few giant industry corporations and hence today we serve so many clients with approved 100% digital security in place.

Our vision was to provide a framework around enterprise business security for which we have our own desk of private ethical hackers working day in and day out to keep winning the races, and this way we have had paved our way through industries providing them with web security services along with network security services.

Since the mobile application industry with new startup is an emerging trend, we have also included some of the best security researchers around mobile application vulnerability assessment and get our clients with necessary custom tailored manual based web plus mobile audit services.

Along with these, our verticals kept being added one on one with particular expertise skill-set on the subject and we expanded and that’s how Defencely is a known brand around the Indian websphere.

3. Can you explain about Defencely in Brief? What it is all about?

Ans: Defencely comes from two words, ‘Defence’ which is to provide defense mechanisms to the corporate giant down to the small scale web business holders and ‘ly’ which shall mean to invoke these clients with a state of the art model for web, mobile and network security.


On need, we also provide them 0-day protection for which we have a huge R&D team working round the clock to prevent threats and mitigate risks. It’s all in one suite for the elite and shall be one in the coming future.

Our motivation comes from being able to strengthen our services and push to the edge and build up an ethical team of a select few who excel in their subjects, for our services to be precisely satisfying to the needs of our customers.

In the process, Defencely has become a brand and hence to be able to maintain the quality standards, we keep pushing that envelope farther and achieve our weekly goals of protecting enterprise business from potential threats around the web world.

Since information security is something which is an ideal ground for more research and less theory, we practically have been molding ourselves in order to achieve near perfectness and deliver enterprise level web, mobile and network infrastructure protection. At current, we have three verticals which are sub-divided essentially to fit the scope of our services which we deliver at an amazing deal:

  1. Web Application Security Services
  2. Mobile Application Security Services
  3. Network Infrastructure Security Services

On Web Application Security Services, we deliver our clients with realistic-approach business logic vulnerabilities as well as application code level vulnerabilities which if not taken control of or eradicated already could have had been silently exploited and the companies would never had come to know about the persistent threat.

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On other side of the fence, we have deliberate logical attacks which keeps us ahead of the race from any other security service provider in India for we manually test applications and come up with the best results.

On Mobile Application Security Services, we have cutting edge detection rates for the vulnerable applications; we first reverse engineer the applications and test them right away after having the de-compiled source code in order for us to do the white label audit and provide our customers with realistic security measures.

We detect, exploit and recommend upon the process and document a lot on these for our client to fix the issue before it gets violated and makes a huge reputation cost as well as financial cost.

On Network Infrastructure Security Services, we excel at providing a systematic physical inspection with Wireless Security audit services plus External and Internal IP security testing which gives an all-in-one hassle-free “taken care of security” statutes to our clients. Recently we had raised this vertical and have made profound changes in an enterprise environment, being cost effective and having able to save the time loss at production environment.

All in one, Defencely is all about information security – be it Web, Mobile or Network, which has built a reputation on the security market by proving it’s quality across the table and taking up the enterprise level projects, delivering the end results at the right time with detailed outputs of the process.

The latter is heavily appreciated by our clients and have vouched us for this state of the art security services and some have already signed in for more services and have expanded the timespan while others have connected to us, discussed the overall progress and fixed their security issues in no time and having done so extended our relationship to serve them for the coming years.

Drop your queries at hi@defencely.com to connect back to us, or write us anytime sooner to leave us feedbacks.

4. From where did you start your marketing, securities journey?

Ans: I believe marketing is something for the quality we put up our sleeves in the first place.

Defencely was able to show up unique deliverables to the clients in the first attempts which by word were vouched to others and were spread in terms of quality, flexibility, and timely approach; which is why – we have stood up to expectations for these same clients and they have proved it every time on being our valued customers.

Our journey started with high end goals and with a small team. We currently have a vast team of select people with necessary expertise to get us moving from one journey to another and stay ahead of the time into reactiveness of the nature of the situation where business models need a little push or an immediate modification with flexibility without harming current assets.

The business rushed in from the hard working hours we spent throughout into the research era and making a difference by working through this technical research into a working business model for our clients to take benefits from.

5. What struggles have you faced in this journey?

Ans: If it wasn’t for the struggle, we along with The Defencely family wouldn’t have ever come up to this level.

Thanks to the strong team and its determination which has land where we are now – into a beautiful working environment and we, as a team struggled through a lot for this dreamer to achieve his dreamland wherein security could fit for the best and the needed.

My personal struggles were vast at the time when we started; there were misunderstandings, conflicts, agendas, goals to achieve and hundreds of other possibilities to think upon into, but I made choices which essentially served the goal of Defencely as an elite team, and here we are.

The question again, is not what troubles came in our way, the question always remains how encouraged I was to be able to reduce those troubles into solutions and work around for the needful to be done.

To be able to provide food across the table, there needs to be that basic plate which needs to carry the food, which we as a team did and the results were excellent and that mattered mutually a lot to us.

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6. Can you Share how you succeeded in your goals?

Ans: We, at Defencely made it through the first doors through quality services and using the same, we stood up the ladder on our promises.

Every moment next is the goal and the visions stay the same – to bring back original security landscape for India and globally with global ethical hackers on one rooftop.

The potential idea for this vision in order to be a reality, we invested our time hiring top notch bug hunters from India and worldwide and enabled to them a comprehensive training ground wherein they found pleasure at.

Our work bench made it easy for these recruits to reach their maximum potential and hence provide us the opportunity to expand their skillset to expertise level through enterprise security assessments.

We had screened them at every level for being pitch perfect and have made them the hardest gems and assets for Defencely.

All of this turned Defencely into a brand and a success story which I could share here now.

7. What should we do to save our Blogs from Hacker and Attackers?

Ans: There is no permanent way to solve this problem – that’s the bitter truth. All CMS’s, particularly the open source ones and used by many people along with corporate organizations, and most attackers target these CMS’s for their Beneficial’s.

In order to save blogs, websites and other internal components, one must take steps proactively to protect against available public attacks.

For 0-day attacks, one should have to be always be updated and ahead of the race with hackers who have plenty of time to invest, research, craft and make stealthy attacks on potential weak zones.

A one liner to this problem is – to monitor for irregular traffic and subscribe to a penetration test service in order to detect, segregate and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

This should be in regular coherence since dynamic features of any rich application gets updated with time and new code is added to each features. We do provide these services which could be available by contacting us at hi@defencely.com

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8. How much you liked my blog and It is secured or not?

Ans: We loved your efforts, and we like your blog for they have been informational and a learning zone to many.

For us to validate security, we would just need your application code for white audit or should you require a Blackbox test, contact our Red Team department and they would brief you on the scope and the procedures we have here.

We’d love to hear from you and your readers. Should you have any feedbacks, do not hesitate to contact us and say ‘Hello!’ to the new generation security services making its way into the industry.

Thank you for giving us time to explain everything in most brief manner and thank you readers for taking time from the busy schedule to read our comprehensive interview; we always hope you have the best experience with us should you in near future opt for our services. Best of luck and do well.

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I am sure this interview would have given you a deeper insight into how the online security industry works.

Do let me know about what you felt about this interview, Ritesh Sarvaiya and his company.

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