NAME YourBLOG For Success

How to Strategically Name Your Blog for Success

Have you ever dreamed about building a successful blog?

There are millions of people who are blogging now or have blogged in the past. But, how many successful blogs could you name right now?

Nobody can guarantee that you will succeed as a blogger. Most of those who start fail, but a few succeed. They built a profitable blog, doing what they love, getting paid for it.

Some blogs have more memorable names than others. It is true that a great name isn’t everything, but it will help you succeed.

In many ways, your level of success if predetermined from the very beginning. I am a big believer in being strategic about everything you do.

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Even seemingly simple things can make a huge difference in your chance for success. One of them is how you name your blog.

NAME YourBLOG For Success

The name of your blog could help you succeed or create an uphill battle for you.

To name your blog sounds easy, almost too easy. You could do it in a few minutes and register your domain name. Done. Unfortunately, those who hastily name their blogs will most likely fail.

The most important thing is to understand the importance of the task. Take your time and think it through. This is not something you come up with in one sitting. Fortune 500 companies spend millions on naming a new brand.

I know, you don’t have to have millions to come up with a great name. If you do it right, you can create a name that is memorable and works for your niche.

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Make an outline of your niche, audience, and mission. What is your blog about? Who is your audience? What will make your blog better than similar blogs out there? What is unique about it?

Start out with brainstorming. Don’t edit yourself. Make a list of possible names.

Think evergreen. When you name your blog avoid trends. Trends come and go, but hopefully your blog will outlive many trends. Great names are timeless.

SEO is important, but avoid stuffing your name with keywords. Some bloggers will do anything to include keywords in their domains. It makes sense to include a keyword in your domain name, but be careful. Overly SEO’d domain names make for lousy branding.

Looking through expired domains is an excellent way to find some gems. Someone might have come up with a great domain name and let it expire. I have been using Justdropped for years to look for expired domain names. Even if you don’t find a fitting name you could use the site to get inspiration.

Some of the most memorable domain names are common word combinations. There are several tools that can help you experiment such as and

As you evaluate possible domain names for your blog consider spelling. Avoid commonly misspelled words and commonly mispronounced words.

Before you get too excited about a possible blog name, run a trademark search. You can do a quick trademark search at The United States Patent and Trademark Office. It can save you a lot in potential attorney fees.

Before you decide on the winning name for your blog, test it. You can quickly test your name by running some ads on Facebook, Adwords, or some related niche site. It is money well spent.

Another way to test is to reach out to potential readers of your blog and ask for their feedback. Ask them what they think the name means and what is their first impression. Also ask them to pronounce it. Can they easily say the name? Find out if they find the name confusing or if they confuse the name with another brand or blog. It is important that you don’t sell them on the the name. Your job is to listen to what they have to say.

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If you have a couple of finalists, you can run an A/B test.

After you have tested the names it is your job to make the decision. The entire process of naming your new blog should be done within a 30-day or shorter period. If you drag it out too long, you might never come up with a name you like.

Coming up with the right name for your blog is one of the early steps of your blogging career. It might not seem like an important step, but it is. It will start you off as a strategic blogger, getting you one step closer to success.

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