Staying TOP on Mobile Rankings – SEO and User Experience Improved

Mobile is the new black

Although many of us still use computers to do our search online, it seems that the new hype is to use mobile phones to become more mobile. Research has also shown that information streaming via mobile phones is enormous and a single bad experience can ruin a websites reputation.

It is not easy to identify most of the problems of mobile phone web searching, however, there a few issues that you should definitely look out for if you want to stay at the top of the search engine rankings.

Going mobile

First of all, you probably have a good website set up, but this is only viable for users who use are accessing the Internet via computers, but what about mobile phones? It is important that you make it so that the content being viewed can be accessed from mobile phones as well. Also, make sure that the content is mobile phone friendly, which means that content will automatically align to the best possible size.

One way to optimize your content so that it will be more user friendly is to use the same URL for desktops and mobile phones alike. The secret behind this is that the content will detect the width of the screen and resize itself automatically so that it can be viewed from a mobile phone without a problem.

Another way to ensure that your content is going to be visible on phones is that you create alternative mobile URLs that Google will interchange when detecting what kind of system is trying to access the content.

If you need to work a lot using your mobile phone, maybe it is time to invest into learning your way around the Google Webmaster Tool, and by doing so you will be able maximize your mobile phone proficiency.

Mobile phone engagement

It is important to keep track of how are mobile phone users fairing against computer users. It seems that many more are pro-mobile phone users. Google Analytics offers great tools which can aid you in assessing how much mobile engagement your website really has.

With Google Analytics, you can not only review your website engagement but you can also break it down into how fast your website is, or how many stay longer and how engaging your content really is. In general, all the information available to desktop analysis is available for mobile phone engagement as well.

Mobile pages with poor customer engagement

Three key factors can compromise user engagement: slow loading page, onsite usability problems and bad search intent.

Page speed is crucial for mobile optimization, if one second is the upper limit to hold user’s attention, and your mobile page takes 7 seconds to load, there is a problem. Especially if there is redirecting involved. By using Google Analytics’ tool PageSpeed Insight, you can take suggestions in improving the loading speed, and sometimes it is just as easy as adding one line to your HTTP reader to force browser caching.

Onsite usability determines the way user interacts with a page. The problem can simply be a lack of displayed information, which can be resolved by comparing website’s main page and mobile page, and adding the missing info. In addition, overlays, pop-ups, small fonts and buttons can be annoying and contribute to poor experience. The way to solve such matters is by either viewing the website from a mobile device, or emulate it in your browser, and fix the issues in question.

Bad Search Intent allows you to check whether people actually found what they were looking for and whether it gives valuable feedback, which can be used to further, improve and develop your website. If you have poor user engagement there might be a possibility the customer hasn’t found what he or she was searching for.

If you took care of page speed and onsite usability, the problem might be with keywords the user searched. Then you should reveal the user’s true intent and optimize keywords for future content posting.


For the end

Mobile phone optimization is crucial if any website wants to survive nowadays. Making the best of your content is not only important for search engines used by desktop users, but mobile phones are becoming more and more of a tool than just a necessity and a toy.

The first step is recognizing your website’s weakness and working on improving it, which will lead to better performance and more SEO in the long run. Mobile phones will play a crucial part not just in communication but in work ethics as well, that is why optimizing for these devices is important.

Images by: Online Marketing Gurus

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