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Stacking Tools To Build Quality Teams



Giving Employees, And Your Business, The Tools To Succeed

There are a lot of different tools available today which can make it possible for diverse operations to retain competitiveness even against traditionally more affluent competitors. To understand why, briefly consider the difference between a rapid lube oil change facility and a full service mechanical garage.

The place specializing in oil changes can charge less for oil changes and turn a reliable profit. For the garage, they must charge more because they actually make money doing big repairs. Even though the lube joint is smaller, they can turn a reliable profit by providing the same service as a larger operation at less cost.

This is true for two reasons: one, the smaller business has centered everything around their unique value proposition. Two, they’ve given themselves the proper tools. Oil change facilities have “pits”, most mechanical garages don’t.

Finding The Right Tool Stacks For Your Business

In your business, you can do the same kind of thing with available tech resources. Cloud computing in particular can provide your employees with tool stack solutions that make you more competitive and simultaneously reduce operational expenses. There are design apps available through the cloud, and you can monitor both your output as well as regularly-used applications.

With cloud computing, you can essentially decentralize your hardware without losing its functionality, allowing you to compete on the same level as big businesses without paying but a fraction of the price they do for internal solutions that perform no better. Additionally, cloud apps make it possible for you to phase out traditional roles, optimizing operations.

Using Clockspot online time clocks for employees makes payroll a snap, and no longer is there a need for a dedicated employee to fulfill the task. Such tactics as decentralized computing and infrastructure management apps can save you tens of thousands of dollars annually while simultaneously increasing operational efficiency. In common parlance, this is known as a “win-win” situation.

Employees Enabled To Succeed

When you give your employees the proper tools to succeed, you make it easier for them to get things done, and you simultaneously reduce the need for certain positions in your organization. Basically, you’re trimming the fat. When you trim the fat, the body of your business has less weight to lug around, giving it greater energy and forward potential.

Certainly such directives are less easy to achieve than they are to conceive, but it is possible to excise tens of thousands from your annual budget—even if you’re a relatively small operation—through utility of the right tool stack.

Finding the right tools for your organization can be done several ways. On the one hand, you can consult MSPs who provide tech consultation services. You can additionally consult peers who run operations similar to yours, and pick their brains about which tool stacks worked, and which didn’t. Additionally, you might want to see what competitors are doing, and what you can appropriate from them.

Build Quality Teams
Finding Unique Solutions And Maintaining Pace

Keep in mind that you probably won’t be well-served precisely mimicking some similarly-situated operation’s tool stack. Your business will have its own idiosyncrasies, and you must cater to them with the digital tools your employees complete their work with. That said, you should definitely “cherry pick” those options which seem worth your while.

A final consideration pertains to forward technological development. Presently, technology doubles on itself at eighteen month intervals. That means every year and a half, it’s twice as powerful as it was. Most businesses can’t keep up with that pace; but if you incorporate well-considered tool stacks, you can at least know where changes are necessary.

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