SqlBack Review : Definitive Database Monitoring and backup Solution

Have you ever thought of the time taking process of taking backups from the server side ?

Well, seems it is the problem every other network administrator has to deal with.

Moving on, have you ever thought of automating this mess up ?

Yes, I am talking about automating the process of taking SQL backup.

If you’ve been waiting for such a solution, your wait might have come to an end.

There is a tool that lets you backup your database, either automatically or on a scheduled basis and even track up its performance. If that isn’t enough, you are even allowed to restore backups if something cranky occurs.

We are talking about SQLBak, which is a free utility that comes from the house of Pranas and is there to address all of your SQL needs such as server database backup.

The tool ensures longer availability so that you can track your progress efficiently. It doesn’t matter whether you are running multiple instances of databases of your organization, or large database, this tool can manage all your needs.

SQLbak Review : Getting Started

sqlback review

The tool offers quick setup program, which can be installed on your computer. You would also need to sign up on SQLBak’s official website and get your very own personalized dashboard.

Later on, a secret key would be offered in order to establish connection between your SQL database and your online account. This utility enables users to link their existing cloud hosting account.

Even if you don’t have one, they will sign you up for a fresh account. This is needed so that your data is secure ( so that you can restore your data in case of database is lost ).


The software works in a pretty simple manner, you need to download the setup ( a light weight executable file ) and install it in your system.

Then, you need to sign up at the official website in order to get the secret key and proceed with the work.

If the above two steps go well, you would be faced with a confirmation box asking you to proceed. After that you need to click on the “Add new job”  button which is located on the top right corner in your dashboard itself.

Choose the server with whom you want to continue and choose a authentication medium such as Use SQL server authentication or Windows authentication. Once you are done with this, click on the Test button to make sure everything is working correctly.

If everything is okay, it would show a connection successful dialog box and would ask you to proceed after configuring various other available parameters.

You can enter a large number of parameters such as your email address ( to get email alerts for the status of your SQL server database. You would also be asked to choose your preferred cloud hosting account.

You get to choose from cloud hosting options such as Amazon S3, Google drive and Onedrive. Also, you can also choose and backup your data on a local drive such as Internal or external hard drive.

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You’d also get to schedule a preferred time and data to make sure your database gets backed up automatically.

Interface & Dashboard

Interface & Dashboard

The company understands what is in the mind of their client and thereby offers flexible interface, more of a DIY ( Do it yourself ) wizard which is quite self explanatory.

The wizard also makes it quite easy for the user to understand what should they do next and how to do it.

Your Dashboard would be pretty awesome and self explanatory as well, each and every option comes tagged with their respective functions. There are several parameters such as configuring machine, date, time, and emails.

The whole thing requires no more than two minutes ( or 3 ) to setup along with some minimal amount of efforts.

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Final SQLbak Review

SQLback caters high end performance along with some power packed feature that are quite hard to find in the domain. It provides you the ability to control and store everything without operating a heavy machine.

All you need to do is log on to the SQLbak and use the portable device in order to restore a recent copy of server which is running with no troubles.

Finally, you can get all the above features for free if you need to backup only 2 databases. Once your needs grow, you can get it upgraded to premium in a minimal investment.