Smart SEO tips for marketing

Some Smart SEO tips for marketing to millennials

SEO is a never-ending landscape! And thanks to the Google algorithms, SEO is also in a constant state of flux. And part of the SEO changes and trends are also being noted by millennials, who occupy a prominent customer section of almost every business and brand. Simply put, a millennial is a person who is born between the year 1984 and 2004. Keeping in mind the changes in technology changes, online marketers today and SEO professionals need to incorporate SEO tips that cater to the customer behavior of the millennials.

And one of the ways to make sure that you are addressing the millennials is to up your mobile SEO. The Smartphone and tablet devices are of great importance in the life of a millennial. Hence, you would want to advance and upgrade your mobile SEO tactics to address them. To know how to go about it, you can browse through and other similar online resources. Also, you can refer to the SEO tips discussed below.

  1. Make sure that you are mobile friendly

Almost, 61% of the millennials today won’t be back to a website that doesn’t load on a mobile device easily. And of this 61%, about 40% will move to their competitor’s website. When an online viewer is unable to browse through a website on his/her mobile device, the site is considered non-functional. To steer clear of this problem it’s essential that you opt-in for the responsive website themes. It will ensure that the millennials have a positive user experience while browsing your website.

  1. Accessing social media through mobile

Today, social media marketing has a huge role to play in SEO. In recent times, Facebook has shared a statistic that reveals that the majority of millennial users make use of their mobile devices to have access to company pages and profiles. Also, according to a report by MarketingLand, approximately 80% of social media browsing time occurs through mobile devices. Hence, today it’s essential to blend in SEO with mobile-first elements of social media.

  1. Don’t make mobile SEO errors that can disappoint millennials

There are several mistakes to avoid here. For starters, you need to ensure that the images, JavaScript and CSS don’t get blocked for a Google bot. It will ensure that the web content gets easily rendered on Smartphones. Also, check whether the in-page media is easily playable all through the device. You should also remember to generate dynamic web analytics dashboards to review the information daily, which is essential for the business at hand. Last but not the least, you need to know that Google penalizes those web pages that keep and allow interstitial pop-ups the moment a user a website page. Hence, it is crucial to ensure to eliminate the pop-up issues for Google and also to keep in mind a millennial online audience.

There are several other SEO tactics that you need to follow to ensure that your business and brand is addressing the millennials. Implementing all SEO tactics can be challenging. Hence, it is essential to identify one medium that is important for the millennials. And since it is the mobile device, you can start by implementing the above-discussed SEO tactics and check out the positive results it brings.