Some Latest Mobile Web Predictions for Better Business Growth

Increasing number of mobile usage takes our business strategies into next level. The famous survey stated that after 2-3 years mobile usage will be more than 50% right now, in the sense users tend to work with their mobile itself. Also mobile internet usage is increasing in tremendous rate. The survey also said that mobile internet usage will be going to dominate the computer internet usage within 3 years. So it’s very essential that each and every business website needs to be responsive one, so that it can be adopt in all kind of mobiles.

Here the list of mobile web prediction to increase your business growth online


Expectation depends upon the marketplace

In the year 2014, expectation for mobile internet usage will be depends upon the country or region. Roughly said that where the population is high then there will be chance of high mobile usages are available. Here the last year survey about Smartphone users clearly pictures that growing mobile usages.

In china nearly 47% peoples are using Smartphones for marketing purpose like buying, gathering details and other internet usage. Next place goes to the Russia, there nearly 36% of peoples using Smartphone for marketing purpose. Third place goes to the country Brazil; from there nearly 26% peoples are Smartphone users. And the last place goes to India, from there only 13% from total number of Smartphone users in the world.

Varied device performance will become increasingly significant. Screen size will not be a sufficient way of determining which experience to deliver to a customer.
Always make sure that your website in not broken, especially in emerging markets where the device performance could be lower.

Contextual awareness will be vital one

Individuals and business people will own more devices and not fewer. Different devices are better suited to the different variety of situations and contexts. So there is a huge chance for that the customer get their first impression any of the wide variety of mobile phones.

When designing website you need to consider the following questions:

How much distances that screen get affect the legitimacy?

What input methods should be supported?

Will voice interaction is to be more popular in the year 2014?

Responsive mobile website design was used to address different kind of devices in 2013. This approaches are the great for viable screen sizes and but it can able to stretched too far. The year 2014 be year of responsive design with server side components

Poor experience will be punishable by customers

Customer or users seeking great interaction around the website, poor experienced designing going to punish by the customers. Nearly 80% of c level executives in USA state that multi screens very critical to their marketing strategy.

HTML5 will be the best resource for creating seamless experience across different screens. Understanding the technology available to your customer base will be more important than ever. Try to consider that where your customers are hitting points as part of the mobile screen.

Customized experience will win customers
You need to consider that customizing the website according to the online consumer behavior that will be helps to improve the effectiveness of your site. Nearly 42% of online business gives high preference to the customized design, and nearly 43% of online businesses give medium preference to the site customization.

Those analytics will be indispensable to the marketers looking to fully understand the speed of emerging trends, and impact of how they influence in the customer segmentation’s.