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Why Social Media Really Matters in 2016 and Beyond?

Over the last decade, the whole marketing landscape has changed significantly with the introduction of Social Media. Many new opportunities were unlocked for marketers which didn’t exist before or were inaccessible. Today we have a powerful and easy to use  tool within our palms at our fingertips that can help us share a piece of content worldwide in just seconds.

More and more businesses are getting engaged in social media, which in return is assisting them to grow their business. A strong online presence is very crucial for being successful in the online business world, and social media fills a huge gap in developing online power. Social media are capable of doing more, though.

Businesses, irrespective of their size are today realizing the countless benefits of social media marketing and its increasing significance in the race to entice target audience and stay relevant in the industry. Long gone are the days when your company needed a person to make a contact outside— today websites and social media profiles have replaced that role. 30 percent of Internet users are using social media to look into a product, and 37 percent of Internet users follow their favorite brands and companies on social media, according to the Global Web Index.

According to Statista, a total number of social media users across the world are predicted to exceed 2.5 billion by the end of 2018. With more people turning to mobile devices and social media to make a buying decision, it has become a necessity to be active on social media and harness its power. Social media will make your brand exposed to new eyes. With a single click, your brand’s voice or message is flaunted to a horde of people dwelling in different corners of the world. With social media, you can get new customers who are looking for services as offered by you.

Social Media for Marketing: Developing Your Goals

When done correctly, social media marketing can assist with a number of goals, including-

  • Boosting website traffic
  • Increasing conversions and leads
  • Building brand awareness
  • Developing a brand identity and influencing brand association
  • Easing interaction and communication with the target audience.

Converting leads into customers in social media looks like a fantasy to most of the business owners. If used correctly, a social media lead successfully gets converted to paying clients and customers. Social media marketing results in better conversion rates in a few unique ways. Perhaps the most important are its humanization factor; the fact that brands and companies become more humanized by engaging and interacting in social media platforms. Social media is a platform where brands can behave like people do, and this is crucial because people like and want to do business with other people; not just companies without human touch.

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A Quick Wrap Up:

It’s tricky and daunting to become the music in the midst of the noise in the digital world today. But using the social media correctly can add your tune to the sonata and make you successful.