How Social Media Metrics can Boost your Social Signals

Social media an effective medium for brand promotion not only helping businesses in brand promotion but also plays vital role from SEO perspective.  An article by Danny Sullivan explains how social signals help in increasing the organic rankings.

In order to increase the social signals, it is important to build the community & produce high-quality content. But most of the businesses fail to boost the social signals because of lack of proper research and analysis. An effective marketing strategy calls for an engaging audience. This calls for understanding and analysis of social media metrics.

The social media channels have a good deal of metrics that can be analyzed but it is important to understand which are the most important metrics that can help in boosting the social signals.

Facebook Metrics

Facebook offers comprehensive metrics for the business page by clicking on the page insights. When you click on insights you will be taken to overview where you will get detailed metrics of likes, reach, visits, posts and people.

Page Likes – This metric shows unique people who liked your page. It also shows new likes received over the last 7 days as compared to last week. This metrichelps in analyzing the effectiveness of the overall business page. The more number of  overall likes on a page means more sharing, liking & commenting on the posts.

Post Reach –  The number of people who have seen your posts. The post counts as reaching when it is shown in the news feed. One can see the reach of each individual post reach and can find out the posts with the highest reach and vice verse. This helps in finding which type of content went most viral.

Engagement – Engagement metrics shows a number of people who have clicked, liked, shared or commented on any of your page posts. It also shows the reach of every post organic or paid. By analyzing this metric a marketer can identify the type of posts that is being most liked, shared or commented and can generate similar content for its future posts. It will also help him to identify the posts that failed to attract the attention of the community.


At the bottom Hide, report as spam, unlike metrics will further help the marketer to identify those posts which were being ignored or disliked by the community. This will help marketers to avoid creating such type of content.


On the people tab, you further get a breakdown of demographic metrics of your fans whom you have reached & engaged with your page posts. This includes the percentage of men and women and the further breakdown in terms of age groups who liked your page. This information can be used for creating the content that can appeal to the community.


Twitter Metrics

Twitter metrics are not as detailed as we have for Facebook but are quite helpful in  analyzing the community behavior. The metrics that can boost the social signals are


Engagement Rate: Engagement metric includes retweets, favorites, the number of total links clicks & replies on tweets divided by the number of the impressions. This metrics helps in finding those posts that had the highest average engagement rate and vice verse.

Retweets : The number of times a particular tweet is being retweeted by others. The more the

retweets means the more appealing a particular tweet is to the community & vice verse. By analyzing the tweets that have been retweeted a lot helps to identify the type of content liked by the community.

Favorites : This included number of times your tweet is being marked as favorite by others. This metric will help the marketer to find out those tweets that are being favorite most of the time and make the content accordingly.

By clicking on any tweet you will get a detailed individual metric for every tweet which will further help you in analyzing the effectiveness of that particular tweet. This really helps in creating high-quality content that has high chances of getting shared by the community.

Follower Tab further gives you a breakdown of demographics, lifestyle, consumer behavior and mobile information about followers. All this metrics greatly help the marketers in making their content strategy which will highly increase the chances of getting the content shared by most of the followers.


Pinterest Metrics

Most of the businesses tend to ignore Pinterest metrics but if you have business related to food, travel,Fashion, Home decor, Apparels etc then Pinterest metrics is extremely important for boosting social signals.

By clicking on your Pinterest profile, you get metrics of Impressions, Repins,Clicks and All-Time. Impression metrics shows top 50 pin impressions and top 20 boards with the highest impressions.

Click metric shows the top 50 most clicked pins and 20 boards with most clicks.

All time metrics will show 50 most re-pinned pins and pins with highest search rank & power pins.


All this metrics are like an asset for marketer by analyzing this metrics one can easily predict the behavior of the community and can design the content according to the taste of its community which will ultimately help him in boosting its social signals.

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Google Plus

The Google plus social signals greatly influence the organic search rankings as compared to other social media networks. So for every webmaster the increase in social signals means an increase in organic rankings. But again for increasing social signals it is important to carefully analyze the metrics.

Google plus Insights detailed data will help you in understanding the behavior of the community. It is being segmented into four parts

Visibility – Visibility metrics you get all time data and views graph. In all time data, you can see the total number of views for a page and this can be broken down further into a photo, post and profile views.

Engagement – This will tell you about the posts that are being most popular on Google+. It can include Photos, Videos, Albums, Articles/Links, plain texts. So by analyzing visibility metric marketer can understand what type of content is most popular among the audience and can increase the posting of that particular content for increasing the engagement.

Audience – Here you can track the number of new followers and also a breakdown of followers in terms of country. This metric also segments the followers in terms of age & gender which is great for marketers for making the content for all age groups. This helps in increasing the social signals.

So there is a direct co-relation between social metrics and social signals. In order to increase the social signals, one has to constantly monitor the social metrics and develop its content marketing strategy.