Social Aider Review

The digital world has become a dynamic marketplace and experts have come up with more creative ways to optimize social media as a promotions platform. This development requires more active participation and involvement by marketers and online business owners. For many, however, this also means more tasks to squeeze into their schedules. This constraint is addressed very effectively by Social Aider.

Social Aider is a newly launched app that is designed as a social media management tool. It was developed by a team of 16 Mumbai-based professionals. These web experts started working on this project in April 2017 and officially launched it five months later.

The tool is aptly named because it helps with social media content management and can handle multiple accounts on several networking sites. With Social Aider, content managers can easily post, edit, manage, and monitor content posted on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr in one single tool.

Target Users

Social Aider is highly recommended as a platform for social media promotion and management, especially for the following individuals:

  • Bloggers, writers and public personalities
  • Account Officers of brands
  • Social media managers
  • Marketing officers
  • Small business owners
  • Heavy users of social media

Free Trial for Starters

First time users simply need to sign up for an account on Social Aider. New users get to experience a free trial period for an entire year. The free trial version is inclusive of up to 150 posts. Despite this limitation, the ‘Post’ feature can be maximized by posting the same content on sites like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Tumblr at once. Regardless of the number of social networking sites it will be posted onto, the scheduled post will be counted as one.

Once the free trial period expires, the user has the option to choose his/her preferred paid plan. Social Aider offers packages priced at $4.99 and $11.85 per month, for 300 and 1,000 posts respectively. This is a relatively low pricing scheme compared to its counterparts in the market today. As a new player in the industry, the Social Aider team does not intend to raise their prices anytime soon. More information about the complete package inclusions can be accessed through its site

Key Features

The Social Aider is not just the perfect post scheduling tool, but it also offers a wide array of features that will surely make social media content management a lot more convenient:

  • Scheduling.

Posting important content wouldn’t have to cut into your personal time if your platform can do all the work. With Social Aider, posting at a certain time will be easy and fast.

  • Time Zone.

The time zone option allows social media content to be posted following the timeline of the target audience. If you live in Asia and your target audience is on the other side of the earth, this is a great feature to have.

  • Bulk Import

Composing social media account content that will cover a month’s (or even more) worth of posts can be done all at once! Thanks to Social Aider! This is most convenient for Twitter users.

  • RSS Import

For bloggers and site users, the RSS feature will allow the blog feed to be embedded in the account. Social Aider will upload and schedule all/selected posts from your (or an industry influencer’s) feed as frequently as you want, at the time and date of your choosing.

  • Hashtags

Hashtags are like the ultimate battle cry of modern marketing campaigns. These can be easily used across all media sites as a very powerful tool to encourage engagements.

  • Repost

Avoid the hassle of having to take screenshots and re-uploading photos or posts you want to repost. This platform simply has a repost button that can schedule your old posts and make this chore a lot easier.

  • Post Deletion

Unlike other platforms, Social Aider allows its users to delete content posted on different sites. This saves the account manager the hassle of having to manually deal with typo errors or mistakenly uploaded photos in each social media account.

  • Video and/or Image Upload.

With this platform, uploading photos and videos won’t be a hassle. This tool allows uploading of photos in an efficient and quick manner without having to access each site separately.



Apart from these and its affordability, this platform also has a lot in store for users. The tool allows its users to add unlimited social accounts for no charges at all, unlike its counterparts.

Social media is no doubt an effective way not only to reach out to your target market but also to be part of their daily lives. Whether you are a blogger, a brand manager, or simply a social media enthusiast, a tool like Social Aider is the one of the best tools you can include in your online marketing arsenal. You can visit the official site at for more information and to avail of the free one-year trial period.