SheerSEO – Automatic SEO Without Losing the Human Element

In an age where keeping up your SEO campaigns with Google and other search engines can be more complicated than ever, search engine optimization has changed forever. The strategies that used of work just a few years ago could today be seen in the ‘grey’ area. You have to be continuously tracking the effectiveness of your SEO strategies, make adjustments, embrace new strategies or shed current ones, and do a lot more to maintain your rankings. As search engine algorithms keep changing every few months, human effort cannot just be enough to help you remain ahead of the game. With powerful online seo software like SheerSEO you can go beyond these limitations.

Using Sheer SEO is like replacing your large team of SEO experts, who are constantly monitoring and implementing new strategies, with just one software. So how does this specialized SEO program help achieve your goals?


This seo software can do so many things that once you learn about its features you wouldn’t want to follow your age-old SEO schedules and practices that take a lot of time and effort.

1. Directory Submission

This program submits your site to relevant directories, working in a semi-automatic form. If you have ever done this, you will realize that finding the right directories, relevant to your niche and submitting your information can be time consuming and require a lot of efforts. But SheerSEO can automate this entire process.

It is a semi-automatic and not fully automatic process because this seo software requires you to provide your standard set of details. Once you have provided these details, it will submit these same basic details to different relevant directories. This means that you have control over what is read about your business across the web. Besides, Google and other search engines also love uniformity when it comes to business information.

2. Optimization Targets

This is where SheerSEO makes a huge difference. It suggests the most important keywords and corresponding URLs you should be using to boost your rankings. This feature is data-based and this seo software performs a lot of data crunching in the background before presenting these suggestions.


  • Off Page SEO – The program also shows the Citation Flow and Trust Flow against your URL along with the number of backlinks.
  • On Page SEO – The program also displays optimization score against your URL against the selected keyword.

3. Content Benchmarking

Today, content has become so important in SEO that “content marketing” has become a full-fledged offshoot of SEO. This seo software has given special emphasis to this aspect of your optimization campaign by providing the Content Benchmarking feature.


It will compare your current content and HTML structure with the top search results in Google for your targeted keyword. It will also show the keywords which are underused on your page.

4. Track Search Rankings


No SEO campaign will be meaningful without tracking and making adjustments. SheerSEO not only keeps track of your rankings, it also provides periodic reports to keep you updated. This seo software tracks rankings of your multiple keywords in all the major search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is conducted weekly and helps save your valuable time and effort.

It allows you to select the search engine you want to keep track of.

5. Keyword Potential

You want to be sure about a keyword before using it. In any typical campaign, you cannot know about its traffic potential unless you have used a keyword and waited for the Google Analytics reports.

SheerSEO provides a breakthrough. If you sign-up for advanced/pro accounts, it has a feature that estimates the potential traffic against a suggested keyword. So no longer will you have to invest your time and effort in optimizing for keywords that don’t drive decent traffic.

6. Backlink Checker


Rich and relevant backlinks can do wonders for your site’s SEO. But irrelevant and poor quality backlinks can also get your penalized. This software also checks your backlinks. You can also define your valuable backlinks as “guarded” backlinks. It will check it every day and notify any changes.

There are many more features that make this seo software to stand out. It is much more than your SEO assistant – it is your complete SEO team, handling all aspects of your campaigns.

  • Google Analytics – View your visitor count using results from Google Analytics.
  • Main Referrers – It also creates a list of your site’s main referral or inbound links along with a lot of properties associated with the URLs.
  • Blog Reviews – It also helps you automate the process of sending out blog review requests to relevant blogs. The backlinks from relevant blog posts and the exposure can further boost your SEO and brand value.
  • Twitter Monitoring – This seo software also keeps track over your site mentions on this micro-blogging site.
  • Facebook Tracking – SheerSEO also tracks activities such as likes, shares and comments that involve your site.
  • SEO Reports – You can view your reports from the UI provided by the software or even schedule the reports to be emailed to you.

This unique seo software can also keep track of your competitors. You will always know what they are up to and keep up with their strategies.


SheerSEO has so many features that all of them cannot be listed in the same place. It is reasonable too since SEO has become too vast. But this software stands out because it gives you all the control over this form of online advertising to you. it is an automated software where many of the key functions are defined by you. Thus, it also ensures that the human element is maintained in SEO and that it doesn’t become a fully-mechanized process. This makes it unique and effective like anything. Overall, this seo software makes SEO simple and easy for everyone. Everyone including SEO professionals, webmasters, website owners and business owners can use SheerSEO.

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