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SEO tools that will help for your website SEO optimization



SEO Companies such as UpCity and HubSpot have come of age fast like their SEO tools which can counter google algorithm tweaks to enhance brand credibility, more lead sales, increased traffic and improved rankings for your business. Algorithm tweaks are abrupt and will distort you, but the result is worth the hassle.

For your website to get past Google’s critique on which sites to show for search queries, you need to keep up with SEO tools to experience SEO optimally. If you are looking to up your organic search strategy game, you will need these SEO tools for that ‘Google outlook.’

Six SEO Keyword Tools

HubSpot’s Website Grader

Website Grader which made its debut in 2007 helped many businesses uncover SEO opportunities. The SEO Company did a few tweaks unleashing an improved Website Grader which you can freely use for site analysis.

You can now use the new Website Grader to generate personalized reports basing on the following metrics and toolkits:

  • This tool determines the probability of your site popping up first from a search by either a robot or human from your Meta descriptions and page titles.
  • This metric analyzes similar SEO metrics like your site’s page size, speed and requests.
  • This tool gives your customers assurance that your site is safe as well as authentic by using features like SSL certificate as proof.
  • Mobile readiness. This is the cut for a mobile friendly website in terms of responsiveness and viewport settings.

Website Grader requires of you an email address and your website URL. Once you submit this information the SEO tool gives you a score (1-100). I mentioned it generated personalized reports hence once it grades your website a detailed report follows suit.

HubSpot has an array of other paid SEO tools. Within the blogging app you will find as-you-type SEO suggestions, a content checklist that gives you suggestions for your content and you will love the marketing platform.

Besides customer privileges you will get like:

  • Keyword app
  • Page performance app and Sources Report
  • The marketing platform gives you tools to research keywords
  • Monitor their performance
  • Track organic search growth
  • Diagnosis for pages not fully optimized.


This dashboard is super elaborate for keyword research. Besides the numerous toolkits such as an SEO toolkit, you can use SEMrush to freely generate reports on domain performance. One flagship feature of SEMrush allows you to plug in your website page to see your keywords ranking.

It ranks your website page basing on keyword use and gives a monthly search volume for keywords. Far from that, the rest of the SEO toolkit gives you an optimum SEO experience like no other.

You can compare your page performance to competition, research appropriate keywords, analyze other website’s backlinks and take advantage of similar SEO on-page search engine opportunities.

Check My Links

Like the name suggests, Check My Links is an SEO tool you can use to verify if the external and internal links on your webpage work. You can dive into Check My Links which is particularly resourceful to editors and publishers.

Using this broken-link checker ensures no broken links make it to your page when it goes live. If that doesn’t loosely translate to an optimum SEO experience, take Wikipedia for instance that has well over 800 links and it takes only seconds to highlight all broken links when using Check My Links.

You might have seen this but had no idea initially. Green is for god links and red is for the broken links.

Google’s Webmaster Tools

This SEO tool is the best source of insight for what Google needs and you can freely use it for site analysis. Google Webmaster Tools will explain to you the fundamentals of a Google search.

For instance, the Fetch as Google tool allows you to see URLs the way Google sees it. The return information you get you can use to modify changes for an improved SEO performance. Besides that you can isolate problematic codes which you feel may be the cause for your site being hacked.

Another SEO toolkit is PageSpeed insights which you can use to measure both the speeds of both your desktop and mobile site performance. Page speed is becoming increasingly important for businesses, and it gives you a (1-100) score depending on well your page follows common performance practices.

Moz Pro Tool

You can subscribe on Moz Pro for an all-in-one SEO opportunities, tracked growth, optimum overall reports and report building. RogerBot, Moz’s own web crawler is used by Crawl Test Tool for analyzing up to 3,000 links in a given URL.

Unlike Check My Links, RogerBot doesn’t highlight bad and good links. It however sends a detailed report to your email detailing page data that a site links to.

This SEO toolkit is revolutionary currently among SEO companies if you are after ‘crawlability’ factors that could influence your SEO performance such as duplicate content and redirects.  If you love the free 30-dya trial, you can go ahead and get Moz’s pro paid from $99.


If first off you are looking to increase traffic with the people who can provide inbound links to your website, BuzzStream is a cheap resolve you can count on. A good rank on Google has a lot to do with backlinks to your website but the outreach for link building is the real hassle.

This is where BuzzStream steps in as a link between you and the right people you should contact, research and how to come up with effective email messages. This SEO tool further helps you track the people who accepted your link’s request.

The candidates that BuzzStream identifies for outreach are based on their industry as well as how engaged they are across social networks. This incentive makes you aware of who will be more receptive to your backlink request and boost your ranking on Google. BuzzStream offers a 14 day trial thereafter you can get yourself paid plans from as low as $24.

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