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SEO Success and its Dependence on Website Configuration

Setting up your website with an attractive theme and great portfolio without optimizing it would make the entire effort purposeless. Pretty images are not enough to attract the search engines and get your site on the ranking list. You need to have the right configuration, file name, keywords, and several other important SEO centric factors to get you there. Basically SEO and website configuration are two sides of a coin which you need to focus on with care. If you do not do it right, you can well forget about making your business visible and reach the success you had planned on.

SEO Success

Optimizing Your Site

Search Engine Optimization is a process by which you attract traffic to your site via the search engines like Yahoo, Google, etc. The traffic that is generated is a natural one and also called as organic or algorithmic. A higher ranking in the search result indicates better traffic. The optimization can be done in different ways, so an efficient search engine ranking is reached. It can be via images, videos or local or any other type of search.

Using WordPress

WordPress is preferred by many website owners, as it has a highly refined and flexible setup that can work well in most of the platforms. The templates used here are responsive, easy and do not need any elaborate code base. There are several other reasons as to why it is the most popular platform used for website setup. Here are a select few.

  • The clear and precise code system, diverse customization option for each post or page in the site makes it easy to tune to SEO.
  • The format is simple, so you need not have any deep technical knowledge for setting up or using the site.  But some amount of technical resources is necessary to help you out when issues occur or you want a more advanced solution. Since WordPress is prevalently used by many websites, the support can easily be received.
  • You have access to varied templates most of which are free. But to make your site SEO friendly, you need to find a highly optimized premium template that conforms to the SEO fundamentals.
  • Plugins are significant additions that give your site better functionality and shape to favor search engine optimization. By having the appropriate plugins, you get access to various optimization features that make your site more visible.
  • The loading speed is an important factor that is vital for your site. Since WordPress is basically a fast CMS, which can be even quicker with optimized plugins, speed can be increased even more by better optimization.

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SEO Tips for Your Site

For your site to be noticed by the search engines, you need to follow certain optimization techniques like good content that has properly highlighted relevant keywords and is readable. The content has to be better and understandable with text targeted at visitors rather than the search engines. Backlinks work effectively when linked with relevant sites and sites that have high authority. Linking within the site is also a good way, but should be done only where it is relevant.

Naming your image files with catchy words and linking them to your webpage will increase the ranking factor considerably.  The alt tag and title tag of the image should be used for better optimization. And while using permalinks, a short, easy to understand permalink, especially the initial four words should be used properly. Themes used should be optimized and using those that are fast performing increases your Google ranking. When you use WordPress format, creating XML sitemap is easy which is considered good for the ranking.

Optimizing the site for social media is another way to gain visibility. Promoting other websites and posts will give you more benefits than just promoting your own site. One key factor you need to understand is that black hat or underhand SEO techniques will not give you the needed improvement or ranking. Instead, you are under increased risk of being penalized.

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Why you need a successful SEO for your WordPress site

Though WordPress is one of the most used content management systems at present, just installing it alone is not sufficient to make your site SEO ready. Nor does it promise better security or good performance. What you need is a professional site like for creating a SEO ready website that has an exceptional SEO features and greater user experience which are considered vital for search engine ranking.

SEO Growth


Displaying Optimized Content

If you use WordPress download and installation on your own, you need to change many of the settings like for instance the default page that appears when the site is still in the development stage. Using the right plugins and themes which are optimized will make the site more appealing and effective. Similarly using the default setting configuration for permalinks does not give you a SEO friendly structure and one which Google approves of. The best way to deal with this is setting the permalink to the Post Name. When you engage the services of a site like, you can be assured that all aspects of your website are seen to in the appropriate manner possible.

Vital Aspects of Website Design

For a website to be featured in the search engine ranking, it needs basically a very professional layout, attractive appearance, easy navigation, readable typography, and candid design, so visitors can find what they are in search of and get a good experience visiting your website. uses highly refined and top quality design methods for site building, so visitors are pleasantly surprised when they view your site. An easily maintainable site with adequate scalability, so it can be expanded when you website becomes well-established is also possible. has vast experience in catering to several large and small scale companies in Netherland and abroad with its exceptional services. All the websites created have a standard and optimized layout that enables clients to manage their sites easily and efficiently. The responsive and SEO optimized site design leaves website owners little or no effort for managing the site, leaving them to concentrate on other aspects of their business. With, you get a unique and customized web design service which drives your business unerringly towards the path to success.

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  1. Absolutely Right… I’m totally agree with SEO Success it all depends on Website Configuration ! I have seen most of people do need SEO, Website promotion tips But they don’t think & never speak about their Website ! So it’s so clear SEO tips work nice but Website Configuration also Big matter for Website Success in SEO !

  2. Hi Nisha,

    SEO is not an easy stuff to handle for newbies.
    There are many blogs in the blogosphere and every blogger try his/her best to boost up the blog with better SEO.

    Beginners should know that for better SEO they need to build backlinks. Making human connections is everything because it will bring traffic to your blog.

    There are many Themes which have inbuilt SEO but for others you need to use some SEO plugins.

    Thanks for the post.

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    I am agree with your points. Yes, SEO is difficult task to manage for newbies. Lot of competitions are there.

    Making human connection, interacting with each other can boost our traffic in a right manner. And for the backlink purpose, they should try inbuilt SEO themes and plugins.

    Thanks for the stopping by.

    Have a wonderful day!

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