SEO (The Hulk) Vs Content Marketing (Dr. Banner)

Search Engine Optimization is the biggest gun in any company’s arsenal when used in the right direction.

Content marketing, if executed perfectly might get you the attention you desired, but if you get SEO right you’ll surely be on top in terms of popularity.

The former is like an advertisement, in which the company itself tells the audience about its qualities but SEO is more of a public relations tool in which a party that is not directly related to the company praises it.

Here are a few points to prove that SEO is on another planet of marketing when compared with content based marketing.

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SEO Vs Content Marketing

1. Its Free When Used Smartly

Search “best phone” on Google, and the top 3 links will have “Sony Xperia Z3” as a hyperlink below the actual link for the respective website.

Sony did not say that their Z3 smartphone is the best but they have conquered SEO and somehow managed to get their product on top.

The company has not advertised its product by paying a substantial amount, but you will still relate Z3 with “best phone”.

2. The World is Smarter

Why would anyone like to read a 1,000 word PDF file in which you have praised your own company and its brands?  A person would simply type a keyword on Google and see the best in class brands by themselves.

For example, a company mentions that it is the biggest retail chain in India on its website. But, when you will search “biggest retail chain in India”, you get different articles with keywords “Future Group” on top.

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Future Group is the force behind “Big Bazaar” and “Lifestyle”. When you open the article, you’ll read that it is “one of the biggest” retail chains in India not “the biggest”.

You can shout as much as you want through content marketing that you are the biggest but until you are in sync with search engines, it will be of no use.

3. Wider Reach

This is a huge advantage when it comes to marketing. For example, the content of your Facebook page will reach only the people who have liked it. For increasing your reach you’ll have to pay Facebook.

But, through SEO techniques you’ll have the whole world as your audience. Type “News” on Google and “Times of India” website will always be on top. Why? Is there no other website that serves news?

There are thousands of websites with absolutely fantastic content that might topple that of TOI but those websites missed the trick.

TOI has championed the art of SEO, and that is why they are on top in India in optimized results. Others can only serve their subscribers through irritating e-mails.

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4. SEO is a Short Cut

At some point of your life, you must have realized that success has no shortcut. But, in the 21st century whether it’s a short cut or a straight route, it doesn’t matter, all that matters is the result.

We can say that content marketing is the “distance to popularity” while SEO is “displacement”.

If your content doesn’t have the right combination of keywords, there is no way that your target audience is getting the message through the internet.

5. Evolve or Perish

There are innumerable examples of companies who have failed to evolve with time and have perished because of it.

SEO is an evolved version of content marketing, and if you don’t play by its rules you won’t last long. Nokia stuck to Symbian OS and did not switch to Android.

This ultimately resulted in the company losing its position of being the largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world, and now it is not even in the top 5.

Kodak could not come to terms with the digitization of photography, and it had to file for bankruptcy because it failed to evolve.

Yes, Kodak was the best of its era but you cannot use the same formula of success for a lifetime.

As mentioned earlier, no matter how good the content is, if it is not optimized for a search engine, your dream of making it big will get a serious jolt.

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6. Its Quicker and Smarter

Humans made machines to make tasks easy, error free and less time consuming. Imagine a world without calculators, a world without cars and a world without internet.

The modern human being gave birth to all these but now he depends on all these. Human survival is very tough without modern technology.

Similarly, content marketing gave birth to SEO but now it depends on it. SEO is the necessary evil without which content marketing cannot survive.


Now, there will be debaters who’ll raise their voice in support of content marketing but deep inside they know the truth.

They know it that without using certain keywords they cannot promote their content or company. Without SEO, you’ll end up serving your subscribers, fans and followers but with SEO you’ll reach out to a larger base of audience.

SEO is much bigger than content marketing. One is Dr. Banner and the other one is “The Hulk”.

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