SEO Explained in the Simplest possible way

Creating a website is easy, all it needs it couple minutes, what’s hard is, getting it ranked.

I mean, how do you create a site? Buy the domain, that costs less than $10, get servers which will cost less than $100 for the whole year and you’re up. But dreaming of making a site and getting it ranked on Google overnight, is a sweet dream, and it always will be one unless you got some serious Search Engine optimization science to back it up.



Now, there are a lot of ingredients that go into the cooking of your perfectly optimized, and ranked website.

  • On Page SEO
  • Keyword Placement
  • Keyword Density
  • URL structure
  • Content Length
  • Domain Authority
  • Backlinks

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And a lot more, those were just the most important ones. Now, it would take me a decade if I start explaining to you how many sub points these main points might have. For eg. take Backlinks:-

Now, Back-links can be:-

  • No follow
  • Do-follow
  • SiteWides
  • Broad anchor texted
  • Narrow anchor texted
  • Exact match links
  • Generic links  and a lot more than these.

So by now it’s probably clear to you that SEO is no easy piece of cake. But, it’s nothing impossible either. If you know the basics, you can implement them to reach a better level, and from their everything seems easy.

What does Ranking a site consist of?

Well, it’s the Billion dollar question everyone is asking, aren’t they?  I mean if you get ranked for a good, profitable keyword, you can expect thousands of dollars of passive income, on a monthly basis, constantly, forever.

But sadly, the answer to this question is known only to the High level Google executives, which they aren’t going to share with you. So what is the point of learning SEO?

Well it is that, you might not get the exact perfect blueprint, but you do get the strategies that have worked for others. If they have worked for others, they will work for you too, Google doesn’t discriminate so you can be sure of that.

The First and Most important metric to get ranked is: – Domain age. Yes, if you have a 10-year-old domain, you can rank easily, like extremely easily for almost any keyword you wish for. Probably now you understand why people spend thousands on expired domains, right?

Well, the second metric is, the EMD. Although some experts argue that it’s out of fashion, no one is totally sure about it. Meaning, having an exact match domain for your keyword is still believed to help you get ranked. Say, you want to get ranked for :- Teen Magazines, so having is a much better option than going for or

Domain Authority:- It’s not something you can buy or find, instead you have to build it. Having High Quality links linking to your primary url can greatly boosts it’s domain authority. The best part about Domain Authority is, once you acquire the authority, you automatically start to rank for almost any long tail keywords which might not be in your exact domain .Meaning if your main URL gets the authority, that authority is passed on to your secondary pages and keywords, and thus ranking becomes easier.

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Negative /BlackHat SEO:-

Now that’s something, you definitely have to stay away from. It might have worked in the past, say 5 years back, but right now Google is advanced enough to catch you, and drop your rankings below the 100th page results.

Black Hat SEO primarily includes Spamming. Meaning, building a lot of links, unnaturally, from irrelevant sites. It’s like building links just for linking, no quality, anchor text variation or other metrics are kept in check, and that hurts your site, real bad.

Or, having links from Adult sites is one of the biggest Penalty hits you might ever receive.

Now, commenting on  100blogs a day might get you backlinks, and your rankings might be initially boosted, but once a Google update is launched, you won’t be anywhere near the top 100000 results, and that’s exactly what you got to avoid.

Rather, let the link building take time, but do it manually, even after a year, that thing will be worth it.

Some Tools to ease out your SEO:-

Well, doing everything manually is the best possible strategy. After all, tools are tools . But occasionally taking the help of tools won’t hurt either. Infact you might not always have enough time or skills to do everything yourself, and that’s when these tools comes to your aid.

  • Keyword Planner: – Google Keyword Planner is a free keyword research tool from Google. It’s one of the first & best choice any SEO expert would ever recommend you. It gives you a neat idea of the Keyword competition, it’s CPC ( how much you would be paid per click if you’re going with adsense) , Total search volume and everything else you need to start your site.
  • Long Tail Pro: – It’s a premium tool, a paid one. But totally worth the money. Long tail pro extremely eases out your keyword research , provides much deeper insight compared to the free keyword planner, and additionally even tells you what’s your current SERP ranking for a certain keyword.
  • Aherf: – It’s a premium tool with a free trial. It’s not a real product, but an online site, it’s extremely useful for competition analysis. Using AHERF you can checkout your competitor’s number of backlinks, their Domain Authority, and oh even sources for the links, and even replicate those sources to boost your own rankings.

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Final Words:-

SEO isn’t as easy right now, as it used to be a decade back. And I understand if you’ve failed at it, even more than once, cause I can relate.

Well, just as I was going to finish writing this something stuck my mind up, there was a company I hired a Great Egyptian Web design and development company couple months back, and they were totally worth the money.

Well, initially it was not my plan to include them in this post, it was supposed to be a basic SEO post, but on second thought, if nothing’s working for you, do give them a try, you’re just gonna love the service and support. Their team was skilled, and the best part was they always delivered better results than expected, now that are the kind of people I like working with.

So that was about this post, if you’ve got any queries, drop then down in the comments.

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  4. Thanks for Information about SEO. Your Article is impressive and very informative. I am now regular visitor of your website and bookmarked it.

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