samsung galaxy s6

Samsung Galaxy S6 to come with IRIS Scanning Technology

Samsung is one of the top most manufacturers in smartphone market and has given huge amount of classic devices from the past decade. No qualm, the Korean firm is considered the choice of millions of people all over the world especially for smartphones. One of the recent flagships launched is Galaxy S5 which has shown the power of firm’s quality and performance. Though rumors about its future forefather i.e. Galaxy S6 which will be releasing in next year’s first quarter as per the speculations.

samsung galaxy s6

There are many rumors saying that the upcoming smartphone will be featuring IRIS scanning technology in it. Even earlier also rumors were saying that S5 will be featuring this equipment but after its official release, everything has been made clear by the manufacturer. In this article we will tell you whether its future brother will have this biometric technology or not.

Possibilities for Galaxy S6 to have IRIS scanner or not:

If we put up other smartphones as competitor in the list we can believe that SGS6 to hold the eye scanner. One of the recent tech news purported about the confirmation of the development of IRIS recognition technology by the Korean firm. The news also reported that news was infused by a Samsung EVP who said such information publically in an event. This news has made many tech-savvies to believe that next flagship i.e. Galaxy S6 is surely going to bear such a great biometric technology. Even I have a thought about the same too. The biometric technology requires a high quality camera or lens so that it focuses on the near infrared light and propagates the IRIS of user’s eye in the phone’s working mechanism.


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A look at Galaxy S6’s camera specs:

As you know I told above, the IRIS scanning technology requires high quality camera to function. We need to know SGS6 camera details also. So, let’s check out that too. According to one of the Galaxy S6 blog, the smartphone will be featuring 20 megapixels back camera while on the front side there will be a 5 MP camera which is said to be featuring HD resolution support. Even its also believed that SGS6’s screen will support 2K resolution. Such a high resolution camera and display is required for IRIS scanner and it also ensures the inclusion of the technology in the device.


Galaxy S6 - 2

How IRIS scanner is beneficial for users?

The foremost benefit of the biometric machinery is security. The eye scanner will be used to unlock the smartphone using the IRIS recognition technology. Security is nowadays the most important feature demanded by the smartphone users worldwide. There is no one who would like anyone to peep into their device without their permission and especially if the “anyone” is a developer or a tech-geek who can break the pattern lock or any other lock. Smartphone locked with IRIS will only be opened by the user’s eye pattern and hence will make the device more secure.

Another benefit arising from IRIS scanning technology to the users is that it will make the use of passwords very less. The technology has the power to make the user’s login using their eye’s IRIS. Though, this feature has less possibility because it will take a long time to integrate such function to all the login credential demanding websites but there is full surety that it will definitely come in the near future.

Samsung is planning to develop its next year flagship Galaxy S6 to feature IRIS recognition technology and it would make the device a big hit as per tech prognosticators. Though there is still time for this mind blowing technology to arrive we have to wait because we don’t have any other option.

What you think of Eye scanners technology in smartphones? Whether this will be a boom or a ban to the smartphone market? Do put your views in the comments below.


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