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The Role of Graphic Design in Branding



Branding and Graphic design go hand-in-hand. Every company’s overall brand image starts with a well-designed logo that is no less than a visual representation of the company and its core values and beliefs. As we know a company’s branding is not only limited to a great logo rather all other branding materials like business cards, marketing collaterals, signage, your website, social media designs are necessary to build a solid brand identity of your company. Thus, you need powerful and catchy graphics designs that tie together all your marketing efforts and enables you in representing your company in the best possible way and improves your overall standing in the market.

Now let’s take a deeper dive into how having compelling graphic designs can help you make a winning a brand image:

Logo DesignHave you ever thought why logos of some companies are so easily recognizable and memorable? Well, credit goes to quality graphic design that has made these logos a success. From McDonald’s golden arches to Nike’s swoosh, even the world’s most renowned brands are popular by their logo design. Thus, a company’s logo design is the first step towards building brand recognition. You can’t take chances here, you need a professional graphic designer who understands the importance of quality graphics and helps you come up with a descriptive yet eye catchy logo that conveys your company’s brand message clearly. If you are looking for some logo designing advice, ‘Tips for designing logos that don’t suck’ makes a good read.


Website – As per a survey by Adobe, 39% of people stated they would like to engage with a website if it is beautifully designed than something plain. In the present online world, website is the very point of contact for all your online prospects,

so having a well-designed website is not an option rather a necessity.

If your website is shabbily designed with no proper layout then it conveys an unprofessional image of your company. Whereas if your company website is well- designed and delivers an easy and smarter user-experience then it helps you in building credibility and conveys a professional & positive image of your company.  So, the overall website design and excellent graphic design is needed to not only attract your audience but also to keep them hooked.

Social Media- Social Media offers a powerful platform to market your business but to break through the noise in this overcrowded digital space, graphics of your social media page design, cover page design, and posts need to be catchy and unique else it won’t get noticed. Whether it’s about Facebook Page Design, Linkedin Cover Design, Twitter Header Design or any other Social Media Design, the importance of quality graphic designs cannot be overlooked. To keep your fans and followers glued to your social media profiles, you need to keep all your content and posts informative and creative. All your social media design and posts need to have catchy and compelling graphic designs to keep a consistent image of your brand and to leave a strong impression on your audience.

Marketing Material

As we know, people remember what they see far better than what they read or heard.All your branding material including your business cards, brochures, flyers, signage, and publications so on helps you in reinforcing your brand message strongly. Without say, you need powerful graphics designs so that it catches people’s attention else your whole effort can go in vain. Thoughtfully designed graphic designs make sure your brand message comes out effortlessly and people don’t need to struggle to understand.

An expert and experienced graphic designer understands the importance of well-designed graphics and makes sure all your marketing material looks simple yet memorable and also knows what makes a customer response. Thus, all these marketing activities need to be taken care to build a strong corporate identity of your company in the marketplace. You can read this informative post on how to build a brand that lasts long. to get a good start.

Email Marketing

People respond quickly to creative and rich illustrations, so sending standard emails to your subscribers can be of little to no good to your business. You need to come up with engaging emails with quality graphics that convinces your audience to read your mail else chances are it may go straight to junk. Emails that look delightfully captivating and creative grabs the attention of subscribers instantly. Thus, the design of your emails plays an important role whether subscribers interact with your emails or not.

You can always stick to your company’s branding colors for email design so that each email you send has the essence of your brand. And include your company logo as well so that you keep building awareness for your brand.

Company Unity

Building your company’s identity starts on the inside. All your workplace employees are surrounded by stationery, letterheads, company t.shirts, uniforms, and these things make important branding tools. You can always customize these items for your brand promotion and to strengthen the spirit of commitment among employees. As we discussed, good graphic designs are a mainstay in building brand recognition, so make sure all these items are marked with your company logo or tagline for greater brand awareness and new business opportunities.



On a Concluding Note

Whether it is something as large as billboard or as small as company logo, they are trying to visually convey your brand message.The design of all your branding activities is of great importance and when used rightly can up your branding game.

Thus, ignoring your company’s graphic design needs can negatively affect your company’s professional reputation, so you need to invest in quality and catchy graphics to improve every aspect of your business. Happy Branding!

Anne Carton is a small business consultant, designer and an enthusiast blogger working with Designhill, one of the fastest-growing custom design marketplace. She has authored several blogs, articles and editorials on various topics related to interactive content, concerning design, social media strategies, growth hack strategies, digital marketing and e-commerce.

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