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Due to advancements in technology, the way of doing things has by far evolved from the old and archaic ways. In recent times, new and innovative methods have been introduced into the production industry as a result of these advancements in technology. One of the most visible effects of technology in production is the introduction of robotics. Also, it has now become challenging for companies to meet demand if they function on only human efforts because of several inabilities which robotics do not have

Collaborative robots or cobots in production can be seen as the use of robotic aids in the process of manufacturing. Most companies have now seen the advantages of using robots in their production chain and have adopted them with robots, output grows in quantum leaps, it is cost-effective, and they have high flexibility and many more.

Universal Robots is a robotic arm manufacturing company that ensures that their robotic arms create an impression in the assembly world. Their robotic arms seek to improve the vehicle assembling world by providing features and qualities peculiar to them.  Universal robotic arms are Lightweight, space effective and easy to redeploy to multiple applications without affecting the production layout.  They are also very easy to set up with an average time of 12 hours with such speed it gives the automotive industry a whole new level of flexibility.  The car assembly industry stands to benefit significantly from the involvement of robotics in the car manufacturing industry seeing that, the car assembly operations and automotive parts manufacturers are some of the biggest users of robots in car manufacturing industry. When robotic arms are involved in the process of car manufacturing, it gives the production or assembling company much more competitive advantage against those that function manually.

When using universal robotics your company enjoys:

Increase in output:

With the use of robotics, it is possible for car plants to work round the clock without getting fatigue or losing interest. Also, there is minimal, or no loss of raw materials because robots are more accurate even when they are controlled by humans which is unlike when humans are working directly with such raw materials.

Reduction in production cost:

There is significantly a reduction in expenditures when robotics has been included in the production chain. The number or manual labor needed is reduced. This is because a single robotic arm can perform the duties of up to 10 manual workers and wouldn’t request additional wages or overtime pay. As a result, there would be more cost savings. 

Robots can be used as substitutes:

Certain jobs are harmful to human health or are extremely difficult for humans to perform, or dangerous. In such cases, robots can be used as substitutes in such instances to ensure that high quality and precision is maintained while ensuring that no worker is harmed.

Quality maintenance:

Since robot are designed never to make mistakes and do as instructed or in their case programmed, they perform without any form of insubordination and when a quality to be met has been programmed into it, it makes sure that that quality is achieved. Car manufacturing robots reduce part to part variability so products would be exact or have very slight differences. With the high repeatability of robots, they ensure that the circle of production is done precisely the same way which ensures that every car assembling or manufacturing is done the exact same way ensuring less variability in assembled cars. Universal robots are also equipped with a vision system that can detect variations in incoming materials and adapt their programmed paths to correct such variations. This would result in better customer satisfaction.

Robotic arms in the car assembly plants can be used for many more things than it’s used for today. In many car assembly plants, robotic arms are used exclusively for spot welding or painting but with universal robotic arms; many other duties can be performed with universal robotics, like screw driving, assembling, labeling, handling, and quality control. Universal robotic has three different collaborative robot arms can be easily integrated into the already existing production environment in the automotive and subcontractor industries.  Our robotic function and are made with materials that make them very effective and cost-efficient.



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