Rising Office Trends 2014: An Infographi​c

Offices have always been the place of revolutions. Latest inclusions of state of the art equipments endanger others and this can be seen in today’s offices too. There are many species (of course equipments)  that are on the verge of extinction like the fax machines, tape-recorders, single room work culture etc. This infographic sums all these things along with the recent trends in the offices.

The most enthralling topic of this discussion is BYOD (Bring your Own Device) culture. Though it is steadily gaining tempo, but surely is a good step forward in the liberty of employees and their friendliness to their trustworthy devices. It is a good strategy to encourage them for a coordinated BYOD policy.

Meetings are the lifeline of any office. Whether these meetings are conducted in-person or over the internet (online meeting), they are prominent thing at each office. We can see a steep rise in the online meeting platforms where people can talk, chat and video conference with an uninterrupted experience.

Also with the increasing internet dependability of the offices, they now prefer cloud storages of the data and management of workforce online. Speaking of the manpower, it is now outsourced from countries like India and China due to cheap but efficient third party company resources.


Rising Office Trends 2014: An Infographi​c


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