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Resource Page Link Building And Other Advanced SEO Link Building Strategies



Link Building

Link building has always been the most favored method for the SEO experts to better the SEO results as Google ranks a site higher that earns a larger number of links. However, building links or generating backlinks is not an easy job. It needs a lot of skill and better techniques to follow.

For the beginners in SEO link building, there are a few tried and tested SEO link building strategies to follow. These strategies will ensure that you generate a lot of world-class backlinks to your site.

To start with, you can follow the ‘Resource Page Link Building Strategy.’ The resource pages referred here are those pages that will link out to some splendid contents on any given topic. The good thing about these pages is that these are created for the sole purpose of linking out and therefore make it a perfect choice for link building purposes and targets, both by experts as well as the beginners in SEO link building.

Resource page link building process

You will need to follow the specific process to build resource links to your site. This includes:

Finding the resource pages by using specific Google search strings that are specifically designed to extract resource pages. These strings are:

  • “Keyword” + in-url: links
  • “Keyword” + “useful resources”
  • “Keyword” + “useful links” and
  • “Keyword” + “helpful resources.”

The next step involves sizing up the page and find out whether or not the link from a particular resource page is worth your effort. You will need to make sure that you find out a link form a resource page that has a decent URL rating and also is on an authoritative domain. If you can put such a link on the body of your page, you will be the real winner.

In addition to that you will also need to find out the content that best fits in your SEO link building strategy as well as the resource page. If it does not you will never be able to generate any links even if your content is the best in the world.

The last step involves sending a tested and personalized script.

Broken link building

One of the all-time favorite link building strategies of all people and SEO agencies is the broken link building strategy. This is because with broken link building you do not have to go begging for links but instead add value to the website of someone else. This is how you can do this easily and quickly.

  • Install Check My Links or any other tool with similar ability to find broken links on any page quickly from within the Chrome Browser
  • Find those pages that have a lot of outbound links because these pages are highly like to have a broken link such as the resource pages
  • Check for the broken links on that page that you intend to use by running the extension of Check My Links and
  • Email the site owner about their broken link.

It is also required that you allow the person running that page about their broken link and use content from your site as a replacement.

Advanced link building tips

In addition to the above you can also follow a few advanced link building strategies that will help you a great deal in your SEOI efforts.

  • You may use link Reclamation Technique to get a few easy links. It is often believed that whenever someone mentions about a brand in any article, they automatically link to it which is entirely a wrong concept. While they should, they seldom link back. You can get them to do it with a gentle nudge so that you turn the unlinked mentions into proper links.
  • You may also get a few bonus links with Reverse Image Search, especially if you publish visual assets such as charts and infographics. There is a high chance that sites may be using your images without letting you know or any attribution rights. In such cases you need not fret or freak out. You can send in a friendly email that can transform several of these opportunities into useful links.
  • Sending emails to the users is another way to generate more links but make sure that you send them at the right time so that it is seen by the recipients. The ideal time to send these emails is in the afternoon so that it does not get lumped together with the other emails. It will ensure less competition in the inbox.
  • You can also try creating visualizations of concepts, ideas and strategies. This will work well because that make the bloggers happy and they will be more willing to use it in their content and therefore link to you automatically whenever they do so.
  • Another useful way is to send out feeler emails before going for the close as you may get better results as well as save a lot of time in the process. These brief ‘feeler’ emails will work much better than the personalized outreach messages as those may not be read by anyone.
  • Use podcast interviews and guest post links as both have a place and potential of their own when it comes to link building and SEO. If you do not have the time to do other things these will surely boost up your SEO efforts and results. The best part of podcast interview is that you will not require drafting, editing and outlining. You can show it simply and get instant backlinks. Most importantly, there are podcasts on almost every topic.

All these are useful and effective ways to build backlinks and improve your SEO.

A quick recap

You will need to make sure that you gain a lot of backlinks to your site to make your SEO strategy work better. Just make sure that use “Link Intersect” to find the likely linkers. Make sure that you make a list of just 2 or 3 of your competitors and use a link analysis tool to find out who exactly links to them.

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