Redesign Your Website Without Losing Traffic or Sales – Infographic

No matter how good your design is, eventually it will get old, and you’ll want to update it. Every time you release a new design, what’s the number one question that goes through your head?

It’s: “Am I going to lose traffic or sales?” Right?

It’s a legitimate question because 7 out of 10 marketers who release a new design see a decrease in either traffic or sales. It happens so often that everyone is now afraid to update their designs.

In order to help you,  Neil Patel has created an infographic that will show you how to redesign your site without losing sales or traffic:


How to Redesign Your Website Without Losing Traffic or Sales


Don’t be afraid to make drastic changes with your site design. Fear will just cause your business to become stagnant. Just as it is important for you to continue to improve your traffic, it’s important for you to continue to adjust your design so you can maximize your conversion rate.

What things should you look at when redesigning a website?

Courtesy of: Quick Sprout
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  1. Hi Nisha

    That’s a very informative post, thanks.

    I hadn’t realized there were all those things to consider!

    Have a great weekend. Joy

  2. Hey Nisha,

    Really we loose some traffic while redesigning our website, but by making it attractive we can increase the engagement as Neil has shown in Infographics.

    I should say Neil has hired some great Graphics designers who are creating awesome infographics.


  3. Hi Nisha,

    That’s great informative post indeed.

    As Suprabhat said we loose traffic while redesign our website. He is right, Most of cases we loose website traffic in these cases. But I am happy to read about this great description.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful post with us.

    Areesha Noor!

  4. Hi Nisha,

    It’s always told that design of your blog matters a lot.

    But what if your readers get fed up of it. Here you go by redesigning your blog. You may be thinking as whats the need of it? But you know most readers like to visit the blog which have great appearance.

    The case study shown by Neil is great here.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Hope you are doing fine this week.:)


  5. Monika Sharma

    Hi Nisha, It’s really Wonderful & Nice post ! It’s my first time that I visited on your this Blog & I really like the way which you have Designed. I hope to visite Once again 🙂

  6. Really impressive infographic, website redesign is very important for most of business because changing trends in the online marketing world.
    Nice info you shared here, thanks for this useful information.

  7. Hi Nisha, Wow, this timing couldn’t have been better! I redesigned my blog yesterday and didn’t realize there were all of these factors to consider!

    But I’ve had the exact opposite thing happen. My traffic increased after my redesign. That tends to happen after I redesign my site, people stop by to check out the new look. The challenge is to entice these readers to come back!

  8. Hi Joy,

    A warm welcome to my blog.

    These things are really considerable before changing or redesigning a blog/website. Thanks for stopping by.

    Have a great day ahead!

  9. Hi Suprabhat,

    Sometimes, we can loose our traffic and sometimes not. It is dependable. If our new design is more user savvy then it can attract more visitors.

    Thanks for coming by.

    Have a great day ahead!

  10. Hi Areesha,

    I am glad that you liked this. Hope, this will be helpful for them who wants to redesign or edit.

    Thanks for coming by and your kind comment.

    Have a great day ahead!

  11. Hi Ravi,

    I am agree with your point that readers want great appearance and user friendly blog. We should keep update our blog according to reader needs. Just we have to keep in mind these few rules while redesigning or changing our blog.

    Neil is great person and shared his great tips here.

    Yes, I am going great. Hope, you are enjoying too.

  12. Hi Monika,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for the kind words. I am glad that you liked this post and my blog too. Keep visiting.

    Have a great day!

  13. Hi Nisha,

    I couldn’t agree more! 🙂 I’m always tweaking my site to change it up because it gets old after a while. Awesome graphic! I like it very much. Neil sure knows his stuff.

    I find that if you use heat mapping software to decide WHAT to change to increase engagement and conversions, then it’s a win-win situation.

    Neil is the one who started Crazy Egg, I believe, which is what I use to know exactly where I’m getting clicks and where people are enjoying my content, and where thy are not…

    It’s invaluable to me, and I’ve changed the navigational menu on my site many times to improve it based on the data I get from CrazyEgg.

    Yep, sitemaps are very important. Awesome article and info graphic, and I’ve already shared on Twitter. 🙂

    Hope you have a great rest of the week.

    – Carol

  14. Hi Nisha, i must say this is a great post, i have taken thoughts of the points you raised here, thanks for sharing.

  15. Hi Elina,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by here.

    See you around here again.

    Have a good day!

  16. Hi Carolyn,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for the wonderful comment.

    Great to hear that you got increased in traffic. Yes, people want good look, design and amazing content. Thanks for sharing your experience.

    I really appreciate your commenting. See you again.

    Have a wonderful weekend ahead!

  17. Hi Emebu,

    Welcome to my blog and thanks for the comment.

    I really appreciate your commenting. Have a good weekend ahead!

  18. Hi Carol,

    Changing a design always and get new look is good choice and sometimes it can bad too. If we don’t keep in mind such mistakes shown by Neil here.

    Great to hear that you are improving your design by use of CrazyEgg. It is a good choice to avoid such mistakes which can lost our hard work and visibility too.

    I really appreciate your commenting and sharing.

    Have a great weekend ahead!

  19. Hi Nisha, thats the informative post. Thank you for posting this Article about redesign the Website without losing traffic.

  20. Hey Nisha,

    Truly we free some activity while upgrading our site, however by making it appealing we can build the engagement as Neil has indicated in Infographics.

    I ought to say Neil has employed some awesome Representation creators who are making marvelous infographics.

    Much obliged