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Recover Lost Photos and Videos for the Kodak Zi8 by using free SD card recovery software.



Photos are the best way to save your beautiful and unforgettable moments. but what if you lost all your photos and videos from your memory card? You must be thinking that if you have accidentally deleted your images or lost it due to any other reason, restoring them is impossible. But technology is far beyond our expectations and there are several free SD card recovery software, you can use to get all your lost pictures recovered. If you have codec Zi8 camera app and want to recover your lost photos or videos on the cameras memory card, this article will tell you about restoring of deleted photos.

If you are fond of taking pictures or making videos, you will love Kodak Zi8 camera because of its power and camera quality. But one of the major issue with this camera is its tendency to lose photos that are stored in the memory card. Fortunately, this problem can also be resolved with the help of some of the recovery software. Below or mention some of the solutions that can help you in restoring your lost photos.

The Zi8 File System

Before finding out the solution, it is important to know what memory cards are accepted by the Kodak Zi8. The answer to this question is that it accepts two types of memory cards including SD Card and SDHC Card.

Both of the cards are acceptable but the latter one is considered better than the former one because it protects from power surges in a better way. The reason is this camera has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 and can take up 5mp still pictures. Because of issues related to data retention, users like to use multiple smaller memory cards and switch them frequently. As in this way, if one data from one card is lost, you still haven’t lost everything.

Important tip: users are required to switch out the damaged card as early as possible.

Whenever you notice anything wrong with your video camera, it means that either the camera on the memory card has encountered any transfer error. Due to these errors, user things that he has lost his pictures and videos but the fact is there still on the memory card but are not accessible to them. So, it is important that you stop using that memory card. However, if you continue using the memory card, you will put your missing images and videos at high risk.

As the users think that the photos or videos they have stored in the SD card are deleted, it actually does not get deleted in a way that user normally think of it. In fact, it gets fragmented and is hidden from the normal view of users. But with the help of memory card recovery software for free, you can easily refragment all the lost files. So, the only ping you are required to do is to switch out your SD card and put it in a safer place. this will definitely help your chance of a full recovery of your images and videos.

Check for physical damage

Moreover, you must inspect your video camera along with its memory card. there may be a possibility that the card for the video camera has some damage and because of that, you will not be able to view your photographs. the best solution to this problem is simply cleaning your SD card with a microfiber cloth so that the cloth does not cause any damage to your card. Next, you need to check the contents of your camera’s memory card on the computers. If you can view all the contents of your memory card online, then it’s good enough. But if you still cannot find any content online, consider getting yourself free SD card recovery software.

Scan your SD card

There is some good memory card recovery software for free which are available online which you can use after downloading it. These programs work by using an advanced algorithm known as “file carving”. This means that you are fortunate enough as these programs can scan your SD card for all your photos and videos that have been fragmented or missing the needed metadata with a PC or Mac normally required in order viewing the files.

One more benefit of using any of the data recovery programs is that you can scan your SD card with its free trial version. And the best part is that if you did not get your lost photos recovered, you need not have to pay anything. This sounds really great!

The best advice is to search on Google for some of the free data recovery software and download any of the free software into your PC or Mac and get your lost all fragmented photos and videos again. Preservation of your photos can be the best way to keep your best moments with you!

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