Target Audience

Reasons Why Your Website Is Not Meeting Your Lead Generation Targets

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding lead generation for online businesses. Every B2B company has huge potential for lead generation from several sale channels but most fail to capitalize on the opportunities.

Today, online marketplace is undoubtedly a global phenomenon and to stay at top of the sales chart, there are several barriers you need to overcome.

Below are the top 5 reasons why your website isn’t performing at its top.

1. Undefined target audience

A website is all about taking the traditional rules of marketing to the online platform.

However, you still need to understand and work upon a different set of audience.

Though you are available at all desktops and smartphones, only those interested in your brand and product line can be encouraged to buy your services.

Target Audience

Analyzing the target market and audience helps you communicate effectively and build special relationships. Successful online businesses always maintain a database of their customers and clients, know their concerns and work on their expectations.

People will not come to you but you will have to integrate a good outreach strategy and deliver what they are looking for.

2. Old design interface

Many B2B companies don’t bother updating their website structure/interface and lose a lot of customers in the process.

An updated website design is not only important for generating interest but also important for search engine visibility and finally lead generation.

A ‘cookie-cutter’ will always perform below expectations and businesses need to change with time and technology.

It is crucial to stay updated and get your website equipped with latest technologies to improve the performance.

3. Lack of in-depth and helpful information

Why a potential customer prefers a particular store over the other? Among the many reasons, the accessibility to detailed information is one of the crucial ones.

A trusted resource of information about the product or service is both reliable and brings in more customers. B2B businesses can come up with a blog or provide regular whitepapers and update on products and services to keep the customers engaged.

Regular content update also helps in building SEO. It will be also important to note here that quality of content is as important a factor.

4. Lack of ‘Call to action’

It is your sole responsibility to guide your customers while they are navigating your website.

Calls to action (CTA) buttons are the perfect solution for this and these buttons can be textual or graphical.

At the core, it should have the content that would be able to influence the audience to take the next step in the buying process. This is also what makes a good conversion page.

5. Lack of social media presents

Today, everyone is hooked to social media and the platform can be really beneficial in giving your brand the right amount of exposure.

Social media is also the best way to pass on information and “spread the word”.

Recommended performance boosters

1. Headline and copy: A website headline has as much potential as a headline in the newspaper. The big and bold ‘headline’ will be the focal point of any website and encourage visitors to read more and get curious about the remaining content.

2. Perfect grammar: Impeccable grammar and sentence structure within your website content is a direct representation of the quality and standard of your business.

3. Trust indicators: License seals, globally recognized trust certificates, affiliations, etc.

4. Strong ‘CTA’: The element that will encourage the customer to take the next step.

5. Images, graphics and videos: As compared to long lines of texts, graphical content makes it simpler to understand a website.

6. Test and upgrade: Keep pace with changing technology and lead the competition.


Generating good leads can be a tough task in the initial phase of every business but by targeting the right audience, providing them useful information and using the above mentioned performance boosters you can easily drive good sales and conversions.

  1. Hi Alan

    A warm welcome to you here at Nisha’s blog.

    You mentioned the most important reasons why a website fails to meet the lead generation targets.
    Especially reasons no 1 and 3 needs more attention of every struggling internet marketers. People usually try to sell a wrong product to a right audience or a right product to a wrong audience. That is why they fail to achieve their targets.

    Steps to improve the lead generation you mentioned here are quite helpful. You not only pointed the reasons but equally proposed the solution also to make it a perfect post.

    Thanks Nisha for featuring him as guest author and providing your blog community to take benefit of his blogging knowledge.

  2. Hi Alan,

    All of these are such good points but 1, 3, and 4 really got my attention. I definitely believe that without clearly defining your target audience you will not be effective. You must know who you are prospecting to and what it is that they are in need of. If you get nail that down, then you can reach the right people and solve their problems.

    Lack of in-depth information is a huge one. We must not regurgitate what is already out there for others to find in the form of information. We must be unique and be in-depth with our research. If we just skim the surface, we are not going to keep the attention of our customer base nor can we solve their problems.

    A call to action – A lot of us miss this one. We have some very insightful and helpful information to provide to our readers but our blog post is almost like a letter of sorts. We do not give a call to action so our readers know what the next step is that we want them to take. Whether this is to subscribe to our list for more information or it may be just to join us on social media to gain more information, but without some sort of call to action, we lose that customer forever.

    Thanks for such an insightful post.

  3. Hi Nisha and Alan

    Alan, I love the points that have been raised about websites not meeting Lead generation targets. No 1 reason is very important as websites need to target an audience. No 3 is also as important as No 1 because these days we have so many sites with information that is not helpful. Having a Call To Action helps improve lead generation.

    Nisha, thumbs up and thanks for inviting Alan who has done a good job bringing justice to an important topic.

  4. Indeed, call to action is the most important in my eyes because you are not writing for the search engines, else you are doing it for your audience and for this there must be an audience part in your blog. It also helps you increase engagement on your blog greatly.

    Thanks and keep writing 🙂

  5. Hi Alan,

    All points you mention here are really important for a website/blog to generate targeted lead. Call to action is most important, it helps to generate more leads as well as revenue.

    Thanks for the great post.

  6. Glad you liked the post.
    Demographics really plays a crucial role here. Most of the marketers today spend their time in crafting perfect strategies for improving brand appearance. But I think your strategy will work only if you try to sell the right thing to the right person.

  7. Hi Nathaniel Kidd,

    Thanks for sharing your views.

  8. Hi ikechi,

    Glad you liked the post. Fresh stories and products always attract the modern reader and in this case it will generate more curiosity about your business.

  9. Hello Alan,
    It’s good to see you on Nisha’s blog, you’ve just said all about the exposure of our blogs, what else is left?
    I still believe in social media, the social media network is so broad and have every kind of person in there, and surely, you’ll get your target audience.

    Eazy to navigate and user friendly website is what every person wants same thing applies to search engines as they too prefer srawling navigable sites.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  10. Hello Ammar,

    I couldn’t agree any more with you. “Call to action” is the thing, we should focus more while writing any content. Quality content are good enough to engage your readers and increase your blog traffic too.

    Thanks for stopping by here ad sharing your views. I really appreciate it.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  11. Hi Manik,

    Thanks for the wonderful feedback. I appreciate your commenting. Have a nice day!

  12. Hello Larry,

    I couldn’t agree any ore with you, lol. Social media also helps to generate leads and engage your readers.

    Very true, we all need user friendly site and search engines also give priority to user-friendly sites.

    Thanks for stopping by here. Have a nice day ahead!

  13. Hi Alan,

    You have struck the absolutely right chords there Alan. Trust is probably the most essential factor in lead generation. All of these points direct customers towards the trust generation. This is a must read for anyone who is serious about lead generation.

    Thanks for sharing Nisha!


  14. Hi Navneet,

    Yes, I agree. Alan has done very right chords there. Trust is more important to get more leads. If we can able to build trust in front of readers/users then we can get lot of profitable leads. Lead generation is totally depend on the readers trust.

    Thanks for coming by and sharing your views with us. Have a wonderful day!

  15. Indeed an attractive and fast loading site with a strong Call to Action at prominent positions boost the conversion rate naturally. Social proof or signals and trust factors through positive reviews on money-site, third party sites and social sites are other important factors too.
    Being an optimizer and marketer I would additionally suggest, continuous A/B testing with copy, design, positions etc.

    Soumya Roy

  16. Hi Soumya,

    Welcome to my blog.

    Thank you so much for coming by and sharing your views with us.

    Your suggestions are really effective and we all should do it.

    Thanks again for stopping by here. Enjoy your day ahead!

  17. Hi Alan,
    great update from you the points are useful and have not even try applying any b4 this is the time to target my audience.
    thanks for sharing

  18. awesome articles ,we understands your nice information with reasons for website not meets the lead and targets.Your way of explanation is nice to read

  19. You’ve missed one point here and that is great content which helps users to engage. Other than that no one can argue about the flaws you’ve pointed out for websites which are not meeting the lead generation target.