Rankintiy Review: Increase Visibility and be on Top Forever

Any promotional tactic that you do for your website, in my opinion, is incomplete without a proper SEO. To ensure that this key component is working efficiently, you need to monitor the position of your website in relation to SEO.

The Rakinnity SEO tool is new tool on the SEO tracking block that enables monitoring the site’s ranking on daily basis and at every stage of the site’s progress. All this is done in real time.

Since I’ve started using this tool, the various features and benefits have certainly floored me.

Here is an expansive look at how it brings a site up to measure in an amazingly short time.

Efficient Tool

Once I started using the tool, I found that other than tracking the website ranking, which is its core function, the tool has several other features that help you check your site’s position, analyze it with that of your competitors, and do much more.

In short, the tool addresses requirements of both webmaster and SEO specialists in one single platform.

With the SEO market seeing many ups and downs in recent times and the ranking basis being changed frequently, being on top of your competitors is possible only when you are armed with the right tracking tool.

Real time Monitoring


Rankinity is the first service that provides online website position checking in real time.

I found it easy to get the changes immediately without having to refresh the page or enter in more queries to know whether the update is being done.

I just entered the site URL, typed in the keywords, and selected the search engines I wanted my website to be promoted on.

The real time results appeared with the exact position of my site.

I’ve never before seen such a feature in a rank tracking SEO tool.

You need to just switch the tab for positions and you can see the automatic updating of data, as the tool checks your keywords.

The real time monitoring is also useful in project collaboration. If there are multiple people working on the same project, once the new keywords are loaded, the results will be shown in the screen of the all those involved without need for reloading their pages.

I’ve found this an efficient way to work when there are more than one users present.

Stay ahead of Your Competitors

compare-your-positions-to-competitorsThe tool lets me keep track of my competitors by its complete analysis reports.

I’ve to just specify which websites I want to analyze and the tool gives a comprehensive report of the analysis made.

Finding which competitor has the edge on you and in what way you are underperforming is easy with this tool.

This way I can tweak the areas that need more attention and improve my visibility features, so I always stay a step ahead.

Know where Your Website Stands in SERP

Gaining a top ranking in Google alone is not sufficient.

There are several other search engines that are quite popular being used by people world over.

Rankinity gives the exact status of your website in the various different search engines. Further, the ranking is analyzed based on the location too.


website-visibility - Copy

I’ve seen that the search position differ considerably based on the local region, country, and geographical location. Rankinity helps in this aspect too. You can now monitor your site’s ranking city wise, regionally, and country wise too.

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Comprehensive Keyword Search

I’ve found the tool doing a comprehensive work in the keywords department. I can group the keywords and start on visibility analysis.

This way I know how every page performs for the particular group of keywords present. This further improves the SEO analysis efforts a great deal.

The keyword analysis also identifies which keywords matter more.

When you emphasize more on the weighted keywords, you can create a better impact on your site’s visibility.



Assigning weight to keywords increases the effect on ranking, when compared to low weight keywords. Further, long tailed keywords usually do not get much traffic and come under the low weight keyword category.

The best thing I like about this tool is it gives the keyword analysis with infographics.

You get the real time analysis reports in a format which you can understand easily. The numeric and graphical format is detailed and precise.

You can know about the performance of each individual keyword and also get visual infographic reports that give the visibility and history of all the keywords in a particular span of time.

You can now know which keyword works better and in what aspect. You get to improve on the ineffective ones and enhance the already working keywords, so they bring in more traffic.

Exposes the True Level of Competition Present

Search engine ranking is not a stable one. A site which is on top now will not be so tomorrow.

Some websites grow rapidly while others make a gradual climb. Rankinity gives you an exact picture of how big a competition you are facing.

From the websites and blogs to the forums present in relation to your niche, you get to find all your competitors and their potential.

This type of strategic research will give you the right direction to tread on. The SEO tool even reveals individual pages which are relevant to your topic.


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Budget Considerations

Though it serves well to have the analysis done frequently, most often your needs or budget does not allow you to do this.

But I found that Rankinity covers this aspect too admirably.

You can get a monitoring that is affordable and fits your budget, when you reduce the frequency of checking. The accurate status of your website can still be had at these intervals.

SEO is not a short span project. You need to look at long term promotion tactics to increase your success.

Rankinity helps in your promotion strategy too, so you can stop those promotional activities that are not working.

Focusing on the right SEO tactics and increasing visibility of your website is best done only when you have a SEO tracking tool like Rankinity.

  1. Hi Pravashrose and @NishaPandey ma’am,

    Informative post. That’s impressive to know that the Rakinnity tool monitors the site in real time. Other features too can be of great use.

    Thanks for sharing this post on Aha!Now ABC community.
    Rohan Chaubey.

  2. Hello Ma’am Nisha,
    You’ve just given a detailed review of the feature and importance of Rankintiy, this seo tool is a nice one I must confess (judging from your specifications though).

    It’s so good I moved my blog to wordpress, checking it out asap.

    Thanks for sharing, and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  3. Hi Nisha and Pravashrose

    Rankinity is a cool SEO Tool. Looking at the specification and the review, it has some wonderful features. Being able to track your keywords is a important and tracking the SEO of your site helps to monitor its health online.

    I checked the pricing and it looks affordable. Thanks Pravashrose for the info and Nisha, thumbs up for inviting Pravoshrose to share a very informative post.

  4. Hi Nisha and Pravashrose,

    This seems to be a very effective tool to have in our arsenal as bloggers. I visited the website and I definitely like the price. As I read your wonderful review, I assumed the price would be a bit more considering all we get for our money.

    Having that type of real time statistic at our fingertips gives us the ability to make adjustments to our blogs and this is what I like most because it gives us a combination of webmaster and SEO control. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Hi Pravash,

    Thanks for introducing with Rankinity, I’ll surely try to get more benefits from search engines.

  6. You shared a nice topic useful to everyone.

  7. Hi Nisha and Pravashrose

    Greetings and big bravo on writing such a wonderful review on Nisha’s blog as guest author.

    You are right a blog post can never by widely get noticed if its SEO is not done robustly fully following all the necessary rules without any ambiguity.

    Those who post frequently at their blog can’t manage time to do a lot of things before and after publishing their post to optimize it both for search engines and people.

    That is why it is must to use a tool and for this purpose Rankinity is one of the best options because of its multiple features.

    Thanks for sharing this very informative review.

  8. Hi, Nisha,

    I had never heard of Rankinity, so thanks for bringing this tool to my attention. It certainly seems like a very efficient tool, and you have done a thorough job in describing the features and benefits.

    I like that it’s real time on a tracking because so many times you have to wait for data, and that’s no fun, so that’s a real plus.

    I currently use Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro, but may consider this as an alternative. I appreciate you sharing about the competitor information – that really sounds awesome.

    Have a wonderful evening.
    – Carol

  9. Hi Pravash, doing review as a guest post is awesome idea, I had never heard of Rankinity, but it seems like a very proficient tool. One thing that I like about it is it’s real time on a tracking which is unique.
    Thanks again.

  10. I didn’t know about rankinity SEO tools till reading your blog. Thank you for letting us know about this tool so that we will get the enahnced report on SEO. Provide us more info like this in future

  11. Hi Rohan,

    Yes, Rankinity tool has amazing features and it tracks the site in real time and help us to improve our search engine ranking too.

    Thanks for the feedback.

    Have a nice week ahead!