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PR Metrics that Really Matters – Infographic

Have you ever wondered how you can measure PR resultsThere are many ways you can prove that PR is worth the effort. 

This following Infographic, created by the team over at Onboardly, is one way to look at the big picture of measuring PR metrics.

Start by taking a look at the results by dividing them up by the internal and external results.  Internally, keep track of the number of hours spent on pitching versus the success in the media.

Doing this will help you see the value of each converted pitched, meaning the cost per conversion and conversion rate.

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Externally, evaluate the amount of website traffic, SEO bump, general awareness, and customer acquisition.  

Follow the graphic below for detailed information on gaining even more internal and external data.


  1. Incredible info graphic .Do referral links helps in increasing web traffic and leads ?
    how much time should someone spend to get these all steps done ?

  2. Thanks for your words zain! Yes, referral traffic works very well in boosting your traffic as well as sales. The thing is to take care that you are going on a right track and have some impressive contents.

    There is no time limit. You can take out some time from your regular activities and can do that.

    Hope, this will be helpful to you. Have a nice day!

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  3. Hello Nisha, thanks for your this great share. Really Good one indeed. I wanna ask you one question. You may know that i am going to launch my new blog with my own name. And i want to go with a Topic like this one as well info graphic. But i don’t have a Good idea about Graphic design and You know that i am newbie and i don’t start earning money by Blogging that’s why i don’t want to invest i mean i can not invest at this time to make info graphic. Would you please love to share How to you makes you info graphic? Any online tools or you hire someone to do design ?

  4. Hi Tonmoy,

    Thanks for your kind words. Visit this link:

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  5. PR , I had a lot of confusion on this. But, this is a nice article to begin with. Thanks Nisha.