Engaging Content Ideas

The Best Places to Look for Engaging & Current Content Ideas

Everybody likes placing fresh content on his or her website or blog every other day. However, coming up with fresh and engaging content is not always easy.

Whether you’re a professional writer or hobbyist, if you write regularly then there comes a time when you run out of ideas.

In addition, bloggers and marketers have to look for current web trends, fresh ideas, and catchy topics for creating engaging pieces of content for SEO and marketing purposes.

For ideas, bloggers and marketers often dig around the internet. The web, without a doubt, is a great place to look for enticing ideas, but it is also a great place for plagiarism, junk content, thin content, and tons of crap.

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Content Writers more often end up in these places than credible and authoritative websites, resulting in short, poor and irrelevant content.

Engaging Content IdeasSo the questions arise: How to stay away from poor websites? How to look for credible sites? Above all, what are the best sites to look for genuine ideas?

Wikipedia is a great source of content ideas, what about others?

Quora: Quora is a Q&A site that has taken the internet by storm. Don’t be surprised if Mr. Jimmy Wales himself answers a question on Wikipedia.

Quora has thousands of independent writers and authorities who actively answer questions on various important topics ranging from internet marketing to health care to relationships to technology.

Look for questions with maximum followers and top answers with maximum Upvotes (Quora’s equivalent to Facebook Likes).

This will give you healthy number of topics and fresh ideas to keep you writing for another year. Unlike most Q&A sites, most of the answers here are based on real life experiences.

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Stack Overflow: This website is probably the best place to learn programming and shooting advanced programming questions.

If you’re more into technical blogging, more about writing about programming stuff, then stack overflow is a great place to get started.

Reddit: ‘The front page of the Internet’, Reddit is supposedly the biggest meeting of netizens on the planet.

There are thousands of subreddits (user generated reddit categories) covering almost every topic possible.

Reddit is the perfect place to get ideas for your blog, chiefly, if somebody is looking for writing about the latest internet trends and its culture.

LinkedIn: If you want to write for the B2B market, then LinkedIn is a great place to start at. Whether your insistence is towards support or manufacturing industry, LinkedIn is the place to be at.


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Hacker News: Similar to Reddit, in Hacker News, a user submits a link and receives a number of upvotes.

The upvotes decide the popularity of the post. However, unlike Reddit, this website is more inclined towards tech start-ups, and technology news.

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Disqus: Are you aware the “Disqus comment system” powers thousands of blogs, worldwide with just a single login?

Lately, Disqus has emerged as a social media platform too, where you can check the most common comments, trends, and blog engagements, giving you a fair amount of idea on: what to write for your next blog.

Twitter: The second largest social media site, Twitter is a great place to be inspired from and to look for topics which are currently trending.

There is a separate page for trending topics; the topics can be broken according to categories, demographics, and language.

This type of trending will give you enough information to decide your next blog topic.


The Internet, without doubt, is filled with thousands of places to look for engaging and current content ideas.

A simple search on Google, “Ideas for content writing”, will probably come up with more than a million results.

A slight change in search phrase will provide you another thousand. The relevant results may range from garbage to mediocre to excellent.

The key here is to base your SEO content on real life experiences. Such type of content not only improve the search rankings in the long run, but are also more alluring to readers than typical SEO-based content.

There are reasons why the netizens are obsessed with Reddit, Quora and Stack Overflow.

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