The place of forums

The Place of Forums in Internet Entrepreneurship

Anyone that sets up a website or blog naturally desires to see visitors come to his/her website or blog.

This is because the level of success you will see in your online business is determined by the amount of traffic (visitors) your site receives.

The big question is “How does one get enough visitors (traffic) and where does traffic come from?

Often time I receive mails and phone calls asking me how to generate traffic. The issue of traffic generation is very crucial because without traffic, your website, blog and in fact your online business is dead trust me.

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There are so many ways of driving traffic to a site on the internet, but in this post I want to share with us one very potent means of traffic generation for every online business.

It is what I have called “Forum Posting for Traffic Generation”

The place of forums

What Is Forum or Forum Posting?

I have noticed that there are various names being used in referring to a “forum”. Some quarters calls it “Message Boards, Bulletin Boards, Threaded Discussions, Discussion Boards, Discussion Groups or Conferences.

However, it is generally called forums.

Therefore, a forum can be defined as a place where people have the ability to post any form of message in the form of threads and reply to other people thread messages as well.

These posts are organized into threads where people discuss a single topic.

A member of the forum posts a message which is visible to every other member in that forum; once this message is read; there is the option to post a reply, which also is visible to the entire forum members.

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The Juicy Part

Humans are socially created beings by nature, and online communities such as social networking sites and forums are the latest and best places to express this nature of mankind

It is true that many people join forums specifically for the social benefits therein; there are several good reasons for internet entrepreneurs to join relevant online forums.

Here are the top seven benefits you and your online business can reap.

The primary reason many internet business men and women join forums is for the search engine benefits.

This is because many forums are tremendously popular and friendly with search engines and so not only rank well but also are regularly crawled.

A handful of my blog post has ranked very well via forums.

Most forums offer you a cPanel where your signature is inserted to enable you promote your web site or sites.

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In addition, as you participate in a forum that is relevant to your site’s topic, there is always the opportunity insert a link into your posts.

All these links are tremendously profitable in terms of traffic generation, search engine rankings and relevant back links.

7 very potent and profitable forums you can join:



Forums membership and posting helps you find customers for your business and it is also a great place to find partners to help you expand or promote your business in a number of ways.

  1. Thanks for sharing..! 🙂

    This above is really nice article about internet forums discussion. Actually, I would agree with you. Forums with the valuable place for online entrepreneur for marketing their business as well as connect with other people in area of business.

    Forums discussion is the best for finding new ideas and business solution, the most important is that if you can help other people to solve their problems. They will trust on your business brand and engage with them.

    Well, thanks for sharing your forums. I have joint some of those above list, but some of them not yet to join. I will do it soon..

    Have nice weekend..! 🙂

  2. Hello Kimsea,
    I am happy you were able to understand the idea herein posted.

    Of a truth, forum membership and posting have been a great source of traffic generation, backlink building etc for me all these years. Recently, Warrior forum has been of immense help to my blog in terms of traffic.

    There are still very many other good forums out there that can do your blogging career good, thanks for visiting.

  3. Nisha Pandey

    Hello Kimsea,

    Great to see you here.

    I’m so glad that you’e joined some of the forums. Hope to see you there.

    Thanks for dropping by!!