AMK Photo Magic Pro

Young Aspergers Developer Releases 2 Photo Editing Apps for Android

Though having an android phone gives you various smart features to enjoy, a great camera can certainly make it more appealing.

I get to take as many selfie shots and freeze on frame everything that captures my attention.

In spite of the photos looking great, I would appreciate the shots more with a good app which organizes the photos and gives additional features that lets me store as many photos as I can and lets me retrieve them as easily.

The two photo editor apps from Andrew Magdy Kamal – AMK magic pro and photo collage generator are wonderful apps that offer many compelling feature, taking photo management to great heights.

Enhance Photo Features

The magic pro has a simple yet intuitive interface that lets you enhance your photo shots with amazing effects. With just a few steps, you can make improvements and make your photo look professional.

AMK Photo Magic Pro

Integrated features include:

  • Adjusting color
  • Add effects
  • Rotate, resize, crop, clone, and frame
  • Drawing mode lets you draw on your own photos

Color Adjustment

The curves interface present allows me to fine-tune all the colors present.

The brightness, contrast, color balance and temperature, saturation level, and even sharpening the blurs are possible with this app.

The colors can be brightened or given a dull hue according to your preference.

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Stellar Effects

I can now get the best effects ever with this app to help me with the addition of texts and images.

My photos now are perfectly customized with the right captions and images to go with, making them stand out from the rest.

The fun stickers, frames, and other gorgeous effects are fun to use and make my shots more enticing now.

Corrections of errors like red eye and back light changes can be done easily with the prospective features that come with the app.

Powerful Editing Features

The editing features present make it easy to enhance the effects and customize your photos with the right brightness, saturation, and contrast.

Sharpening features, adjusting exposure level, and cropping photo for better definition, flipping or rotating a photo are some of the best editing features I like in this app.

The app also lets easy editing with touch and pinch to zoom type interface.

I can now use the photos present in my gallery, camera, and Picasa easily.

Images can be stored in both high and low quality and saved to the gallery, wallpaper or even to an SD card.

Sharing of pictures that I have customized with my friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, and Picasa and via email is done smoothly without any elaborate steps required.

Create Stunning Collages

The photo collage generator app is another great addition by Andrew Magdy Kamal.

I can now create awesome collages of the photos of my friends and favorite stars with the variety of editing tools present.

The smooth user interface is simple and easy to make the changes needed.

Collage making is now easier than ever before with the text, frames, and photos.

Importing photos from gallery and from my Facebook album can now be done in a jiffy.

Making collages out of my selfie shots is what I like best in this app.

Once the collage is done, I can easily share it on all my social media accounts, email it, and share it on any other apps present in my phone.

age Generator

Editing Made Fun

The application comes with powerful editing tools for both frames and images. When you install the collage generator app, you get a plethora of features including:

  • Import photos from your gallery and from the collections you have on your Facebook account.
  • Photos taken in your camera can also be imported easily by this app.
  • Resizing photos inside the grid is efficiently done.
  • The photo effects editor has plenty of features that can create wonderful and appealing collages.
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Templates for Better Collage Generation

The photo generator app also comes with several useful and efficient collage templates.

I can now make changes in the photo size even inside the grid.

The numerous photo effects present in the editor tool further make it easy to create the collages.

I can add text, stickers, and even frames from the numerous designs present. There is also the feature of painting or drawing on the photos, which makes the collages look more appealing and real.

Further, sharing them is also done in a breeze.

I share my collages instantly with all my friends and family on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and even email them.

Easy and Efficient Collage Creation

The enhanced user interface is easy to use.

You need to select from the numerous templates of the collages and tap on the one you find right to import the photos.

For replacing, I just tap and hold.

For resizing or moving the photos, I swipe them.

When this is finished, I save the photo and start on the editing. The various effects present make it easy to choose an apt one for the collage.

Once the effects are done, I then add the appropriate text.

Stickers and the frame come next. I even use the draw tool to create a more customized look.

Once this is complete and I am satisfied with the entire picture, I can share the collages on any of the social media and even store them for future use in my SD card.

Both apps are great to have on your android phone as they bring about an awesome lot of changes in the way you use your photos. These are easily my best and favorite apps.

Creating wonderful collages using the text, frames, stickers, and other features gives me a grand feeling. It lets you do everything you wish to do and more with your photos.

Creating perfect memories to treasure for in future is easy with these apps.

This double treat from the developer has made my pictures take on a professional and totally customized and grand look.

Certainly they are a must have addition on your android phone which are not only useful but also great fun to work with.

Enjoy your share of fun now!

  1. Hello,

    Well I love photo editing stuff and mostly I do these kinda stuff on my lappy. And I must say I have no idea that there could be some wonderful apps for android too.

    Will try them soon.


  2. Hello Ashish,

    Welcome to my blog and this is a wonderful App. I used it and experienced good.

    I am glad that this App is useful for you.

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  3. Hello Nisha,

    Thank you for sharing. I know many bloggers who take photos with their smart phones and then use these photos on their blogs and these two apps will surely make that experience even better.

    I like the fact that these apps have so many cool features. I like the the ability to be able to adjust the color, cropping, and adding frames. These features will make using a very professional photo to blogs much easier. Thanks for sharing.

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    OMg this is Great Android Apps , Awesome Post , i am Alreday uses ,This apps , I liek it Great Information , Long post , Thank You So Much For Sharing m e,


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  7. Hi Ma’am Nisha,
    Oh how I love photo editing, you can really confirm that from my gravater, I used photoshop to edit that, the beared me over there isn’t the real me (lols) I don’t even have a goatee, talk more of a side beares 🙂

    Andrew Magdy Kamal has done really well by creating AMK magic proand photo collage generator, I would have liked to give it a try, but unfortunately, I don’t use an android device 🙁 so sad about that.

    From the interface I saw at the pictures you shared, the app if proffessional, and has the recommended features that a mobile photo editor should possess, I’m sure every photo tweak lover will like it.

    Thanks for sharing, and do have a wonderful day ahead.

  8. Hi Larry,

    This is glad to know that you love the photo editing. And this App is very helpful for you. But, unfortunately you don’t have Android device.

    I wish You could have Android device soon and you can have benefit from these Apps.

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    As you know that the world’s population likes new Android apps and more internet stuffs. Truly speaking, this photo editing app for Android is very awesome. I was reading the features of it. On every point I will download in my Min Laptop.
    Nisha, you are very talented and hard working with technology stuffs. So all the best for your technical journey. I hope everything will be fine along with this wonderful photo editing app.
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