Paying Bills through Gmail May Become Possible by this Holiday Season

Google doesn’t fail to surprise. It will always have something under the sleeve to amaze its users. It is rumoured that the search giant is working on a new feature that will allow you to send money and pay your bills using Gmail.

Currently, there is no other webmail service provider that processes payment transactions through its email client.

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There were rumours earlier that Gmail might be releasing such a feature in the future, but it has been a year since the reports and without any development. The recent reports, more specifically point out that the new feature will help Gmail users pay their bills.

It is believed that the new feature may be called Pony Express. Gmail users will be able to pay bills and it will be connected to the user debit cards or bank accounts. There is no confirmation as regards the name of the service.

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The payment will be processed through a third party service. Reportedly, users will have to enter their name, physical address and a few more details to prove identity during the registration process. It is expected that Google will be releasing the feature by the holiday season.

It is worth noting that even with almost 2 billion mobile devices across the globe there is still no reliable online service provider that enables bill payment or money transfer services.

Earlier there were reports that Facebook may also be working on a similar payment processor, but there has never been an official confirmation yet.

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If Google goes ahead with the new feature, it could get access to a large volume of valuable financial data. The search giant already has access to one of the largest user databases in the world. It will also help Gmail stand out in the industry. The webmail service is already the leader in most global markets.

  1. This is exited news, very soon we can send money by help of gmail,, wow.. hope google will offer best plans as compared to another money transfer services..good article Nisha..

    Mohd Arif

  2. Nisha Pandey

    Hi Mohd Arif,

    Yes, this is a wonderful news and can prove to be a big game changer for both Gmail and users.

    It is expected to be released this year by Fall and has been rumored to be called Pony Express.

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Have a great weekend!