Oppo R5 Review

Oppo R5 Review: The Slimmest Phone that Comes at not so Slim Price

Oppo, the Chinese manufacturer of electronic goods has recently launched the Oppo R5 smart phone in India.

Although the R-series of the brand is already recognised for its sleek look, the R5 takes it to a new level altogether. Presently available at INR 29,990, the Oppo R5 is the thinnest phone in the market.

While sleek look and thin body is definitely the USP of Oppo R5, we tested it for other features as well. Running on Color OS 2.0 which is a customise version of Android KitKat, the R5 comes with the Snapdragon processor and 2 GB of RAM.

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So, here is what we found out.

Oppo R5 Review

Looks and display

What we loved

What is there not to love? The Oppo R5 is definitely a looker. With the thickness of just 4.85 mm, this one is surely the slimmest smart phone in the world at present. Amazingly lightweight this aluminium back phone has a metallic matt finish. The display is 5.2 inches.

It’s cool, it’s classy, it’s skinny. One of the best looking smart phones available in the market, Oppo R5 offers 1080p full HD amoled display. With an excellent pixel density the display quality is really amazing.

What could be better

Due to the razor thin model, the back camera is slightly protruded.

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User Interface

What we loved

The Color OS 2.0 is quite user friendly and facilitates easy navigation. Equipped with its priority apps such as Theme store, NearMe Cloud, We chat etc, it is a pleasure to handle, once you get used to it.

What could be better

While the software runs otherwise okay, some time the applications can be really slow to open. Also the phone has some heating issue with heavier apps such as high end games.


What we loved

The 13 MP rare camera is quite decent with f/2.0 aperture and LED flash. With UltraHD mode, Night Mode, HDR mode available in the camera menu, you can capture your special moments with great clarity.

While we absolutely loved the outdoor photo quality, indoor photo quality is also decent with adequate light.

If you are a selfie enthusiast, then you have another reason to love this phone. While the 5 MP front camera clicks fabulous selfies, you can also use it for video calling effectively.

What could be better

The indoor photo quality is not up to the mark for a lowly lit room. Also some time the camera takes a little while to open up.

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Battery Life

What we loved

While 2,000 mAh Li-polymer battery is not much to talk about, the 5A VOOC charger is really amazing.

Two-three times faster than the regular chargers, this charger can make the battery level go from 0 to 100 percent in just an hour and 15 minutes.

That means even though the battery life of the Oppo R5 is not very impressive, you can just refill it in a very short time.

What could be better

The battery once fully charged can barely take you through the day. While the charger is really impressive and can save the day, it would be great if the battery life could be worked on.

What we think

There is no dining the fact that Oppo R5 has killer looks. Coupled with the great features it offers it is quite impressive; not to forget the swift charger that comes with it.

But priced at INR 29,990, it is clearly overpriced for Indian market. Apart from its USP, paper thin looks the phone does not offer anything superbly different to charge such as premium price.

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Over to you

Now, if you really want to get the phone and willing to pay the extra bucks for the good looks, then go ahead. But we suggest you to wait for the price to come down a little.