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Management of a business needs proper concentration and also keeping an eye on the competition. When in today’s world there are a lot of ways that an eye can be kept on, or I should say in many ways that an eye must be kept on over the competition. There are social media profiles, the marketing strategies, the web ad strategies and so much more that has to be related and then after that relation with the competition a business plan has to be made. There are many apps that can be installed on phones and laptops that can help with online SEO marketing. Here are a few tools that can be very handy in terms of spying or keeping an eye on the competition. These tools and apps are related to PPC, social media etc.

Keep an eye on advertisers VPN

The app named as Over Play VPN can ensure this. The purpose of a VPN as we all know is to let you access the web with some other virtual network so as you appear to be in another location. With this facility the advertisers are able to see the ads that are run from other countries.

This software will cost you $10 only and will allow you to spy on various ad posting strategies. This is quite handy and useful too. With it you can spy using your phone or tablet, computer or any Smartphone. With this tool you will be able to know what ads are running on other mobile apps and websites. Collect the information and use that info to get ahead of the competition.

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Use a powerful research tool

Research is must when it comes to SEO marketing or marketing online in general. Research about the website traffic, or volumes or the customers and conversions referrals and other things is  vital. The marketers use this information to make sure that they are now designing a new strategy that is well ahead of all these already in use.

The tool named Similar Web will offer you an opportunity to collect information and research about all these elements. This is for now only working with the laptops and desktop versions.  You should always keep in mind that even if you use the best and the expensive tools they will never give you 100% traffic results or volumes.

This tool can be used to know where the traffic is coming from. Once you know then you can use the spy tools and generate more results. Of course wasting time and using spy tools for the websites that are not getting traffic will be a waste of time.

Use the advertising spy tool and know what runs where

This tool named What Runs Where is yet another great way to spy on advertising. If you want to research about the ads form different countries then you are suing the correct tool for spying. This allows you to spy on ads from more than 15 countries and more than 90 platforms for advertising.

Tool to spy ads mainly from the US

If you are trying to spy on the ads mainly from the US then this will be a great way to make sure that you did great in spying. The interface of this software is great and allows you to spy on ads very easily.

Spy on the competition’s SEM

To manage marketing one needs to know what their competitors are doing. If you want to research about the organic results over Google traffic and you want information on that then this is the best tool available. The SEM Rush works for 22 countries. With this tool you can easily research for the Adwords strategies of other competitors and also spy on organic strategies.

Spying on ads on social media

Today without the social media no ad campaign is successful.  This means that one needs to spy on the social media such as Facebook for ads. research on Facebook may not be an easy task but with the use of proper tools like Social Ad Ninja your job is made easier. This tool allows you to spy on ads on Facebook from more than 40 countries.

Pay per view traffic research

For an SEO campaign to be successful today the marketers and managers have realized that it is important to the PPV also needs to be researched. It is a strong strategy and without proper knowledge your competition will get ahead of you. You can use the “Box of Ads” tool for this purpose and it will allow easy spying for pay per view (PPV) traffic.

Spy on the employees also

To ensure that the SEO marketing strategy is successful you not just have to monitor the competition but also the employees working within the organizing. You need to ensure that they are working hard and are not distracted. For this purpose you can use different tools for spying such as The One Spy.

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  2. Thanks for the great article. I will definitely be recommending some of these tools to my clients.

  3. Thanks for sharing, spying on employee is good option to check if they work effectively or not. 🙂