SEO Myths

Online Advertising, SEO: Top Myths You Need To Stop Believing Now

Running a business in today’s climate requires a bit more advertising than running a few commercials on the TV. But, you already knew that, didn’t you? Just like you knew that your company is highly unlikely to succeed without employing some marketing techniques.

In fact, let me ask you a simple question. What is the most important thing that your business needs for success? Is it a high-quality product or service, or a good location? While these do matter a lot, as you can see here, the most important thing is the ability to grab people’s attention. Since, people are the ones with the money.

How To Stand Out

There have never been more possibilities to get the public’s attention than today. And yet, businesses have a problem standing out. Why is that? Well, they probably don’t know how to do proper online advertising. Usually, they don’t even know where to start.

Making a website doesn’t cut it. Posting regularly on your Facebook page doesn’t cut it. Going viral with a funny story doesn’t cut it. That’s nice and all, but what are you trying to become? A meme? You know those are short-lived and fleeting fame is not what you need.

What does cut it, though, is search engine optimization (SEO). I suppose you have heard about this type of online marketing. If I am right, then you also know how important it is for the success of any business. And I take it you want your business to succeed. If I got this wrong, then you might as well skip the whole article.

Simply put, SEO allows you to grab all the necessary attention online. What good does it do you if you have a website, but nobody is able to see it? And in order for people to come across your website when searching for something on the Internet, the site has to be among the top results. Otherwise, you will never get noticed.

Learn how search engine optimization works:

It’s okay if you are not well-versed in this topic. Nobody is, except the experts. And, if it grabs your interest, you can always get informed and learn about how it is done. It has always been much better to admit you don’t know something than to pretend to be a pro. Still, it’s a good idea to know a few basic things before you hire anyone to do this for you.

Yet, there are people out there so adamant to prove that they know all about SEO, while, in fact, their knowledge is very poor. That has given birth to all kinds of myths regarding this practice. Actually, this is making a lot of SEO experts rather angry. Not to mention that it diminishes the hard work they do. So, it is time to put these myths to rest.

Online Advertising, SEO, Top Myths

  1. It Is Done Once In A lifetime

Ah, here is one of the most common misconceptions out there. Some people think that you hire an expert, pay them, they do their magic and voila – your website has been “SEOed”, forever. Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but this is not the way it works. It’s not a window to be fixed, or a tree to be planted and left to its own devices.

SEO takes a lot more work than that. And I mean – a lot. It is an ongoing process that you will have to invest in if you want to have any success. Think about this for a minute. New options are constantly being discovered and new techniques employed to influence the search engine algorithm. Plus, online presence is definitely not built in one sitting.

  1. High Keyword Density Is Good

No matter how little you actually know about SEO, one thing is for sure. You have definitely heard about keywords. You know that it is important to incorporate these in your content in order to achieve a good ranking on Google. However, this is a restricted knowledge that led to the development of another common myth. People began thinking that it’s smart to swamp the text with their targeted words. Useful info.

Keyword density is important, that’s correct. But, that doesn’t mean that your content needs to be filled with those words from start to finish. In fact, if you do it this way, Google is probably going to recognize you as a spammer. And that is rather harmful, because it will probably decrease your overall presence and ranking, while the goal is to increase it.

  1. All You Need Is Content

Naturally, the significance of content cannot be denied. What’s more, if you don’t have content, then it is impossible to do any SEO whatsoever. So, it is indispensable. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s the only thing you need. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

There are many other factors to take into consideration. Ever heard of backlinks? You cannot do successful optimization without these. Furthermore, there are technical optimizations to be taken into account. In essence, all of these play crucial roles in SEO. It is never wise to prioritize one over another. A good balance is the key.

  1. Buying Backlinks In Bulk Is The Real Deal

Do you really think that you are the first one to have thought of buying, say, 10,000 links for as cheap as $10? Because – you definitely aren’t. Everybody has thought of this at some point. Doesn’t this raise any red flags? And while everyone has thought of it, only the experts were smart enough to stay clear of this option.

Basically, when it is really easy to get a link, that probably means that it is pretty much useless. And the more links there are on a page, the less they are worth for the success of your business. In addition to that, you might find yourself worrying about something more than the fact that these links will be worthless. They can be harmful for your business and it might take a long time to recover from their negative effects.